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5 Moving Tips for San Diego’s Military Service Members

San Diego, home to many Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard bases, boasts strong military ties. As such, many locals and businesses are military family-friendly. In fact, some school districts are changing their year-round calendars in order to accommodate families during PCS season (peak moving season for military members).

As trusted local military movers, Best Fit Movers frequently works with military families to get them relocated quickly, safely and comfortably.

Here are some key moving tips for San Diego’s military service members and their families:

1.    Start Planning as Soon as You Can

You know all too well that when you get your orders, it’s a quick process from notification to move-in. As soon as you know where and when you are moving, come up with a personalized timeline. Do you research online for packing tips, print out to-do lists and checklists, and download apps. Fill out checklists, then mark off items as you do them.

Moving is no doubt a scary experience for children, so be sure to sit down with them and let them know what to expect. Small kids will need detailed explanations, as they may not understand what’s going on. Older kids and teens won’t want to leave their friends and start over at a new school but they are probably used to the frequent moves by now. Still, it never gets easy for them. Join online communities and support groups geared toward helping military children deal with the psychological challenges of military life, one aspect of which is frequent moving.

2.    Take Inventory

A huge part of a successful move is knowing exactly what to take with you. Use your smartphone or computer to note the name, description and condition of all items in your current home. You could also download free home inventory apps to help guide you, so you can keep better track of things.

Instead of inventorying by item (can you say tedious?), take pictures of what’s in your cabinets, for example. If you have to make a claim in the future, a photo will give the insurance company irrefutable evidence.

To make it easier to put things together in the new home, take photos of the back of your TV, computer and electronics. Then, you’ll know just where all those wires go when hooking them back up.

As a military family, you have probably been building up a lot of stuff over the years that you don’t use. Considering military families move every two and a half years on average, all this stuff can really add up. Toss unopened cardboard boxes of junk from your past three duty stations if you never even had a chance to unpack them.

3.    Pack Critical Items in a Bag

To be on the safe side, keep all important items and documents in bags to take with you in the car or plane, including:

  1. Your orders
  2. Housing information
  3. IDs, drivers’ licenses, passports, Social Security cards
  4. Marriage, divorce, naturalization and birth certificates
  5. Medical information and any prescriptions
  6. School and employment records
  7. Vehicle documents
  8. Sentimental or irreplaceable items

4.    Hire Military Packers

Many movers also offer packing services, but not all are experienced with military moves. Military movers understand how tough relocation can be on military personnel and their families. As such, they offer streamlined moving services to result in a more effective move with as minimal disruption as possible.

Taking advantage of packing services will save you a lot of time and hassle. You are busy – why not let someone else handle those details?

5.    Delegate

Once in the new place, you will have to clean it top to bottom, but there’s no reason why you should have to handle everything. Designate tasks to all members of the family, including your kids. Make sure they know what your standards are, and give them detailed instructions of what you expect from them. If you have the cash, consider hiring a local cleaning company.

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