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Decorating Your New Home on a Budget

Once you’ve settled into your new home after a move, it’s time to get organized and start decorating. This is the best way to make the new space truly feel like home. Once you’ve unpacked, you’ll stare at all those empty spaces and blank walls, and start to come up with a plan for filling them.

No doubt these spaces will need your TLC, attention and aesthetic touch. But after the stress and expense of moving, you may be apprehensive about how you’ll be able to afford all the new décor. But rather than live amongst bare spaces for the next six months while you save every dollar, heed these tips on how to decorate your home or apartment on a budget.

Get Creative With Items You Already Have

This is the best way to conserve money. It’s easy to reupholster, refinish, or paint any piece of furniture you already own. You just need the right supplies and a little bit of talent, but you can get that on YouTube! Add a pop of color or breathe new life into an old couch. Turn that old dusty bookshelf into a showpiece front and center in your living room, where you can proudly put your antique teacup collection.

Take this time to reinvent your world. Arrange your living room in a totally different way than you did before. Place the area rug at a diagonal position rather than neatly aligned with the walls.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

This is another easy way to transform your new space. It’s also one of the most affordable. Even if you don’t get too drastic or bold, you’re still shifting the tone of the room, which will make a big difference. Try some stick-on wallpaper in a trendy pattern if you’re not up for painting. This is especially great for apartment renters, as you can simply peel it off when you move out.

Switch Up the Accents

You don’t need to gut your entire kitchen to redecorate. Simply install new cabinet handles and drawer pulls in different materials, colors and styles. Change out your existing lampshades or add a funky light fixture to add character. Pick up some textured throw pillows or replace your sink fixtures.

Stick with something classic that stands the test of time, but that also serves to kick things up a notch from a decorating perspective. Mix vintage with modern, or try farmhouse faucets paired with brushed nickel drawer pulls.

Splurge on What Matters

When on a budget, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you have to buy everything new and dirt cheap. For the big-ticket items, it’s often worth it to spend extra money on things that will last the test of time. Have you always dreamed of owning a leather chair? By all means, invest in one. Don’t go the fake route because it won’t last more than a couple of years. Shop the furniture sales to find the one you love at just the right price. Then you know you will get many hours of joy out of that piece. Want a cute ottoman to go with it but don’t want to spend a fortune? Scout the yard sales, look on Craigslist, or check out a second-hand furniture store to find one that’s not quite so expensive, says Money Crashers.

Find Good Artwork

A large part of what makes art appear so expensive is the frame. You can essentially pick up the artwork or prints anywhere, such as at local college art sales, yard sales, and online art shops. But where you really want to put your money is in the frame. Check out craft stores for a decent frame where have the option of including a matte board.

Gallery-style frames for prints usually provide a very large border around the images, which is an easy way to make your cheap yard sale find appear gallery-ready. Include a feature piece of cool artwork to any room in the house, and voila, you’ve just become an art connoisseur on a budget.

These simple home decorating ideas on a budget are just the start of something great. There are a ton of ways you can transform your home without going broke. You just have to get creative, take your time, and be crafty. Whether designing a bachelor pad or your new family home, a fresh new look and feel is within your grasp.

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