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How To Move A Hot Tub Safely In California

Hot tubs are common in southern California homes. If you enjoy your hot tub but your new home doesn’t have one, you can have your current hot tub moved to your new home. However, a hot tub can be very hard to move due to its sheer size, weight, and equipment involved.

But this would be a good idea to have professional Chula Vista movers help you move the bulk of your belongings, including your hot tub. With certified and trained movers, you can have more help with moving not just a hot tub, but other heavy objects like pianos, billiard tables, statues, and more.

Here is how a hot tub is moved from your old home to your new one the right way:

First, the tub needs to be completely dry. If you have recently used the tub, you should drain it and wait for any remaining water to evaporate.

Next, the tub should be disconnected entirely of any power sources. Everything from electrical outlets to gas lines must be unplugged before anything else is done. With loose power cords, wrap or roll them up in a bundle so nobody can trip over them. The motor, however, should not be disconnected; keep it intact with the tub.

The next step involves removing any covers and lifts that you may have installed on your tub. By removing these, moving the tub will be easier and safer. If you keep these covers on, the tub is sure to be heavier to carry. Take out the screws that attach the lift to the tub with an electric screwdriver. You can move the lift separately later. Keep the screws in a small plastic butter tub or bag, or empty compartment inside of a tool box. You will need them later to screw the lift back on in your new place.

These three things are tasks that you can do on your own, but from here on out, we recommend waiting for professional movers to help you, as you will soon have to move the hot tub on out of your old home.

Two furniture dollies are required to safely move a hot tub. With a 4 x 4 piece of wood, turn the hot tub on its side and gently place the side on top of the two dollies; one behind the other train style. The hot tub should be on its side on top of the two dollies so that you can still maneuver it through doorways. If you are renting dollies from your movers, these dollies may come with moving straps to make the hot tub easier to control and grip.

If you are moving the hot tub up and down stairs, remove the dollies out from under the hot tub. With straps, have two people control the hot tub as it makes its way up or downstairs; one on each side. It should be able to smoothly ride up or down the edges of each step.

At times which you need to lift your hot tub, at least one person should lift a side of the tub, this is necessary especially when directing the tub to its new spot. If you set it down too hard, it might crack or even break. You can put lumber down in the place where you want it set down so that the tub has something soft to be set down on.

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