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Six Practical Tips for Finding the Perfect Storage Unit

Relocating is a very hectic process especially when you have to do in a short span of time. Since you may not be able to carry all your belongings to your new destination, finding a unique storage facility could be your only option. How do you, however, find a secure and high standards storage facility? Finding the perfect storage location for your belongings should not be hard provided it meets your standards and needs. Once you have found yourself an ideal storage unit, you can always come back after settling and pick up your stuff. Here are a few tips that can help you when looking for San Diego moving storage company for your cargo or business.


This is the first and most important factor to consider. Despite what you may have seen on the adverts, make sure that your San Diego moving storage company is secure as claimed. For proof of security, there need to be employed guards protecting the area 24/7. There also have to be cameras around the facility to record any theft or burglary. There are other anti-theft systems that storage facilities should have like electric fences and even security dogs to beef up things.

What Are You Storing/ Leaving Behind?

Before setting out for your search, make a list of everything you need to leave behind. The only way you can find the perfect unit is by considering what it is you may be leaving behind. Do not rent too much space for a small property like paperwork or antiques. More space is needed for larger assets like automobiles and furniture and for such areas security has to be at its maximum before any paperwork is done regarding the storage.

The Right Storage Unit Size

You can rent a medium storage unit for your belongings depending on your budget. If you, however, intend to add more belongings to your unit, consider renting a larger storage unit. This can instead turn to be expensive as cost increases with storage unit size. You also have to be considerate of the designing of the unit, low ceilings can favor certain assets while hindering the storage of large electronics like fridges.

The Location

If you are renting space for your essential goods, it has to be within a location that you can easily access. If the belongings are very important and you may need them soon, find a storage unit near you but if you are going away for some time then the location may not really be important.

Your Budget

This is the last factor that determines what storage unit you will get for your products. You should always consider how much you are willing to pay and the ongoing cost per unit. This will help you find the storage unit that best fits your expenditure. Do not settle for sophisticated space that will only cost you more for storing less relevant assets.

In fact, some moving companies offer big wooden vaults at an affordable price where you can save considerably unlike other portable or self-storage options.


Ensure your ideal storage firm has been insured against various risks like fire and theft. The firm will then be responsible in case of any losses or damages to your property.

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