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What You Should Utilize to Move A Heavy Piano


If you own a piano then it might just be one of the heaviest and biggest objects in your possession that you have to move. Moving a piano, even if it isn’t a grand piano, is considered a herculean task, and professional assistance is highly recommended for you to successfully move it into your new home.

While you can have family and friends help you move your piano, moving companies in San Diego not just provide you with assistance and guidance during your move, but also offer other helpful perks which include safe moving techniques and equipment, as well as a truck to get it to your new address. The more resources you have, the easier it can be to move your piano. Without great care, you can risk damaging the piano or other property you own, of you can even accidentally injure yourself or another person.

How heavy is your piano? Spinet pianos are fairly small pianos that weigh up to 300 pounds, so these should be the easiest of pianos to handle during a move. Upright pianos can weigh in between 300 to 800 pounds, depending on the size, but their shape can allow them to be slightly easier to maneuver. Baby grand pianos can weigh up to 800 pounds, while grand pianos can weight up to 1,200 pounds, which is greater than half of a ton. Grand pianos with their size, shape, and weight are the trickiest to move.

If you are planning a move with moving companies in San Diego, call some friends to see if any of them can help you move your piano, as well. At least four people should handle a piano in order to get it safely from one house to the next. Even with the help of movers, you might appreciate extra help so each person handles less weight from your piano.

Not only are extra sets of helping hands welcome, but so are useful tools that can also assist you in lifting and carrying pianos and other objects. If you or another person has a dolly on hand, you can easily move your piano across floors. You can allow yourself more control over the piano by using moving straps. Dollies and moving straps can also be used in conjunction with one another so that you can help balance the piano as you maneuver it. If you do not have a dolly, a blanket or towel can be used to slide a piano across a floor.

A moving or pick-up truck is necessary for you to move your piano from one address to the next. Pianos are to be loaded in the middle of a moving truck with heavy boxes placed in between its legs to prevent it from moving and falling over.

When moving a heavy object such as a piano, the right attire is necessary, no matter how much help there is available to you. Safety should be a high priority so that you do not get hurt or damage something as you move your piano or other furniture. Instead of wearing baggy clothes, wear a set of comfortable and flexible clothes that won’t snag on a part of the piano, such as a leg. This means that jewelry, watches and wallet chains should also be off limits. Tennis shoes or other shoes with decent ankle support should also be worn. And of course, everybody that will have a grip on the piano should wear a pair of gloves so that their grip has a very small chance of getting lost. Gloves will also reduce strain in your hands as you carry the objects.

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