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Why You Shouldn’t Fly Your Goods To Your New Home

If you are moving to a place that’s out of state, or maybe even just to Northern California, you might see the appeal in moving all your goods via airplane. It can get there in hours, you won’t have to worry about traffic, and you know all your belongings will be safe.

However, air shipping has its limits, especially when you want to move. And if that were the option you would go in, it could be one that you would regret, wishing that you would instead hire the best out of state movers to move your belongings. Here are four reasons to not ship your belongings by air freight.

You will need a truck anyway

If you are looking to take all your belongings to get sent to an airplane, whether it be at an airport or another service, you will still need a truck or another vehicle to take all of it there. Thus, why not just take that truck to your new home? If you have the still go through the effort of putting all your stuff in a truck, shipping by air freight can actually require more effort than it saves you. You can get your goods shipped right outside your new home, but even after all that, you will still need to lift all your assets into which rooms you would like them to go.

It costs a fortune

Moving all your belongings via freight can be a very costly experience, and you can soon realize how it can be the biggest caveat of moving with a plane. Air freight services from nation-wide mail carriers can cost tens of thousands of dollars, which you could otherwise just save by going with out of state movers. These costs also include movers of the carrier’s own, who will drive your belongings to your new address and unload their truck on their driveway. Even just moving a baby grand piano can cost as much as buying a car. While many California’s can boast about how they can easily afford it, we encourage you to just save your money that you might need in a pinch later, such as renovations for your new home or putting it aside in case of an emergency.

There are size and weight limits

Even with a cargo plane that is designed to carry just goods and no passengers, there is a limit to how much the plane can carry, and your goods might be too much, depending on the weight capacity and what other cargo is inside the plane. If there is no cargo plane available, then a passenger plane would need to fly your belongings, and these have even less weight capacity because of the passengers and their luggage.

Inclement weather can delay the shipment

While driving through harsh weather is known to be challenging, it is especially bad for air freight services. Thunderstorm, fog, low clouds, high winds, hail, and tornadoes can actually delay takeoff for planes on account that they actually need to drive through air and clouds that cause them. The most weather-delayed airport in the U.S. is actually right here in California. The San Francisco International Airport has delayed over 260,000 flights in a span of 10 years. Simply hiring out of state movers can haul your goods safely with next to no delays.

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