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Ultimate Guide to Making a Successful San Diego Office Move

The best businesses strive for success in every aspect – including when they’re making a San Diego office move.

Office moves can feel complex and overwhelming. After all, you’re relocating your entire business from one location to another. There are many moving parts, and you need help with the logistics.

Since this transition could put your business ahead or behind, depending on how it goes, it’s crucial to take a strategic approach. The only way to make your office move in San Diego a true success is to hire commercial moving experts. Teams like ours know how these procedures go, and we can handle the heavy lifting for you.

But before we begin packing up your office and moving it to its future home, we can help you get a plan together. This handy guide will prepare you for a San Diego office move months in advance.

Six Months Out: Get Your Moving Plan Together

Moving day won’t feel nearly as daunting when you start preparing months in advance. Our guide starts half a year before the big day, so you can get everything in order for a smooth transition.

Six months before your office move, it’s important to review your current lease to understand any financial implications if you break it early. Additionally, obtain a moving quote. Set a budget to ensure you don’t overspend – and to help with this, consider which services you need. Common options include:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Professional moving supplies
  • Loading and unloading
  • Professional storage space

Once you’ve got the right services selected, and a price in mind, your move is effectively in motion. With this preliminary prep behind you, you can feel more confident as the months progress toward your San Diego office move.

Three Months Out: Finalize Your New Space

Three to four months before the move, finalize the moving date by confirming your new office space. Once you have the date down, you can notify your current landlord of your intention to terminate the lease.

Create a detailed moving plan, including a checklist of tasks, deadlines, and those responsible for each. You don’t want to have your employees carry out any packing or loading, because they could damage items or even injure themselves. But you can have them wrap up current projects, as well as communicate information about the move to the company’s partners, affiliates, clients, and suppliers.

Two Months Out: Prepare for Your New Location

The last 60 days before your move may feel like they fly by, because there’s so much to do. But if you’ve prepared this far by setting dates, booking with a San Diego moving company, and informing everyone who will be impacted, you’re already ahead.

To stay ahead, like all diligent business professionals should try to do, you should think about how your future facility will look. Remember, you have skilled movers already booked to help you. Since our team handles unloading and unpacking, we can help you get your new setup in order. At this stage, you should focus on:

  • Designing a floor plan: Map out your existing office and the new one. This way you’ll know where to have us place furniture, equipment, and the like.
  • Setting up utilities and systems: Call ahead to have your electricity, water, internet, and other utilities turned on. Do the same with managed services like IT, VoIP, and security systems.
  • Discontinuing services at your current office: Not only should you plan to have current utilities turned off, but also remember to cancel services such as landscaping, security, or cleaning.
  • Collecting keys and access items: Get ready to collect access materials such as keys, keycards, parking passes, and any other items that are connected to the current facility.

As the final month before your move arrives, you’ll have your new facility ready – now it’s time to prepare this one. You’ll have skilled movers handling the packing and loading, but there are ways you can help us help you.

Consider making a moving list that covers everything you want to take. It helps to divide this by floors, departments, and rooms, so nothing is forgotten. You should also schedule a change-of-address both for physical mail and on all your online listings.

The Weeks Before: A Great Time to Double-Check

If you’ve got a week or two left before the move, it’s the ideal time to make sure everything is in order. Double-check your dates, and make sure your new location is ready. It helps if you can inspect it in person before visiting. If not, see if you can get pictures or videos so you know what you’re heading into.

Also, touch base with your movers again. By this time, you should have a list of what needs to be packed. Inform your movers and the process will be much more efficient. This is also a good time to make another formal announcement about your move. This confirms your customers, partners, and suppliers know that it’s coming.

Moving Day and Beyond: The Plan Comes Together

Once moving day arrives, the real fun begins. Your diligent planning will truly pay off here. By working with professional office movers, this process becomes much easier.

With our team moving all your items, you can avoid the hassle and stress. You can also count on us to pad, wrap, and protect everything. From the largest machine to the most fragile piece of inventory, all your items are in good hands. Once we arrive at your new location, we’ll be unloading and unpacking for you if you need us to. This allows you to check the new location. Make sure that:

  • All utilities, electronics, and pieces of equipment are working properly
  • The facility is thoroughly cleaned in preparation for your new setup
  • Everything is in working order and no repairs are needed prior to opening

With us by your side, moving becomes a much easier task. Every skilled business owner knows that delegation is the key to success. Trust us to handle the moving tasks, and you can focus on setting your new organization up for success.

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Author: Patrick Caramalac

Patrick Caramalac founded Best Fit Movers in 2017 when he saw a need in his community for professional local movers. The company operates from locations in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, and specialize in residential and commercial moves, both local and long distance. With thousands of positive customer reviews, Best Fit Movers is one of the highest rated moving companies in California.





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