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As one of Los Angeles’s favorite full-service moving solutions, we know all about what attracts people to move to Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Commonly referred to as The City of Angels, Los Angeles (LA) is the largest city in California and the second-most populated city in the United States. With a population of over 3.8 million, LA is well-loved for its Hollywood glamor, sunny climate, and thriving metropolitan areas.

There’s a reason so many want to move to and around LA. At Best Fit Movers, we appreciate the chance to serve the amazing people of this area. With over 1600 reviews and a near-perfect rating, we’ve been LA’s most trustworthy moving solution for years.

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We Fit Your Moving Needs

For a reliable moving solution that fits all your needs every time, reach out to Best Fit Movers. Our moving services cover everything from packing and loading your items to getting them set up in your new location after transport.

With our fair pricing and zero hidden fees, you know exactly what to expect after making initial contact. Don’t waste time, money, or energy trying a DIY move or settling for a subpar Los Angeles moving company. Let the pros at Best Fit Movers handle the heavy lifting.

Best Fit Movers Can Handle Any Los Angeles Move

Sunny Los Angeles and the region surrounding it are both known for their diverse populations. People from all walks of life travel here, some for work and others for a better home. No matter why you’re coming here or how far you’re traveling, our Los Angeles movers can help.

We Serve Both Residential and Commercial Needs

Home is where the heart is, and you’ll love the experience you get when we help you make a residential move in Los Angeles. We can safely handle and transport your items in any setting or environment, including single-family homes, apartment complexes, high-rise condos, and townhomes. Whether it’s many floors or little room in tight quarters, we’re prepared for the job.

If you’ve got an upcoming office move, you’ll want our reputable, reliable, and professional Los Angeles commercial movers to execute your relocation successfully. From television studio sets to corporate offices, our movers have long been the leading choice for office moving. Your property will be safe, and your move will be handled as swiftly as possible.

We handle both local and long-distance moves with the same attention to detail. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the state, your complete satisfaction is our top priority.

Which Moving Services Do You Need?

We’re happy to provide you with a full-service moving experience, where everything you need is covered. But if you need individual services to supplement and complete your move, we offer standalone options such as:

Whether you need us to handle the heavy lifting, help you declutter, or handle the packing process, you can customize your moving experience as needed.

We Go Above and Beyond

Our moving experts excel where other Los Angeles moving companies don’t. For example, we have the skills and equipment to move sensitive items such as pianos without damaging them or damaging your locations.

With so many military bases, Best Fit Movers has long been a preferred mover for our service members and their families. You’ve served us, now let us return the favor.

More About Los Angeles Living

There are a lot of pros and cons to calling Los Angeles your home. There’s always something to do, but there’s always traffic. It’s a great place to soak in the sunshine, but the cost of living is high. You’re never far from a fantastic ocean view, but you’re also never far from a lot of people.

Let’s cover a bit more about living in Los Angeles. From housing to attractions to visit, there’s plenty to love about this popular city.

Los Angeles Weather

The sunny LA weather can be best described as a double-edged sword. The good part of the weather is that you don’t have to deal with cold, wet winters. The area sees very little snow and rain.

But the downside to that is that LA, and California as a whole, deals with consistent drought conditions. Living in LA means understanding the value of clean, running water all that much more.

Los Angeles Cost of Living

As to be expected with such a major city, LA has a high cost of living compared to the national average. It’s about 49% more expensive to live in LA than the average across the United States.

As with most cases, most of that can be attributed to housing costs. Because the population is so dense, it’s more difficult to obtain housing at affordable rates. The market is more competitive, making both renting and purchasing a home pricier than in neighboring cities.

Los Angeles Job Opportunities

There are a large number of opportunities for employment when you’re moving to Los Angeles, especially in the entertainment and technology industries.

However, because of the sprawling metropolitan areas and dense population, employment is more competitive. As of November 2022, Los Angeles’s unemployment rate sits at 4.5, which is a little over a point higher than the national average.

Los Angeles Attractions

Sure, Los Angeles is home to Universal Studios, which attracts millions of tourists every year. But there’s plenty to do outside of Disney’s thrilling park. Here are some of the top attractions to visit after you move to LA:

With so much to do, you’ll never feel bored when you move to Los Angeles. It’s a very enjoyable destination – and with our Los Angeles moving company, you’ll get a journey that’s just as enjoyable from start to finish.

Interested in Leaving Los Angeles?

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Call Best Fit Movers to Schedule Your Los Angeles Move Today!

You can trust Best Fit Movers to handle whatever move type you need – residential, commercial, from the top floor of an apartment, or from the farthest reaches of your storage unit.

We believe in making things easy for our moving customers because moving shouldn’t have to be difficult. That’s why we believe in bringing our customers a stress-free experience with custom-tailored Los Angeles moving and storage solutions.

You can visit our website to obtain a free moving quote, or you can give us a call anytime. You can also find detailed information on our hours and locations here. We look forward to working with you on your upcoming Los Angeles move!



    Best Fit Movers
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     7 reviews
     by Devin Barnett

    Absolutely fantastic! They Moved my complete home from one end of town to the other with no problems. They completed the work quickly and efficiently. They relocated my three living rooms and six bedrooms in less than ten hours. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!

     by Lucas Baldwin

    Our experience with Best Fit Movers Moving & Storage was outstanding. From the moment we contacted them until our products were sent and picked up at the warehouse, the procedure was seamless, fast, and without glitches. Thank you for a lovely experience; we will certainly use your services again and strongly suggest your firm in the future.

     by Joe Bates

    Fantastic were amazing! Very professional, courteous, and got the job done in no time! They were very polite, cleaned up and listened well to where we wanted things. Would definitely hire them again and again!

     by Yeanda Crystal

    I didn't finish packing and the movers were extremely helpful and helped me to finish packing. They choose the best route and managed to bring the belonging to the storage despite traffic issues. Storage was closing at 2 pm so was not too much time. Thank you, guys!

     by Susan Sandra K

    Carlos crew from Best Fit Movers come and help me to move from Long Beach to Texas. The house was large 5 bedroom home and they had to move me in the dark, and for them was not a problem. Prices was also reasonable and they apply the flyer discount. Nice Job Guys!

     by Sandra Kristy

    Carlos crew from Best Fit Movers come and help me to move from Long Beach to Riverside. The house was large 5 bedroom home and they had to move me in the dark, and for them was not a problem. Prices was also reasonable and they apply the flyer discount. Nice Job Guys!

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