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You Need Storage in San Diego, Here’s Why!

Who hasn’t looked around and wished they had some extra room? Secure space for storage is useful in many situations. As a provider of moving and storage services in San Diego, we usually encounter people who have this need while moving.

With our climate-controlled storage containers, San Diego moves are easy to make no matter the circumstances. They’re beneficial when you’re:

  • Moving items in sets, so you don’t have to take everything at once
  • Leaving items behind when you move, so you can sell or donate them
  • Waiting to move, and need secure space for storage in the interim

Whether you’re decluttering ahead of your move or the dates don’t line up perfectly, our San Diego storage units will serve you well.

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Storage Perks When You’re Not Moving

Some people may assume that they only need spare space for storage if they’re planning to relocate. But this isn’t true – there are many instances when you may need San Diego storage units for your residential or commercial organization.

Maybe you’re cleaning up, and want to clear out your furniture so you can get to those corners and hidden areas. Say renovations are taking place – don’t you want to get your items out of this workzone, so they won’t get dirty or damaged?

Even if you’re staying put, we’re excited to offer you the best storage in San Diego for whatever needs you may have.

What’s Included with Our Full-Service Storage?

When you call on Best Fit Movers for storage in San Diego, you get a full-service solution designed to meet all your needs.

In our time offering moving and storage services in San Diego, we’ve heard the top concerns people have about placing their items in a space away from their home. We present the optimal storage solution with the following features.

Spacious Dimensions and Flexible Terms

Our spacious wooden vaults are built to house a variety of items, and to accommodate even your larger or bulkier belongings. These units are 336 cubic feet, measuring in at 7’ long, 6’ wide, and 8’ feet tall.

These roomy spaces are available to customers for the typical 90-day window for short-term needs, such as when preparing for a move. However, they can also be rented for longer, and both options come with an affordable price that’s hard to beat for units of this size and durability.

Climate-Controlled Spaces for Better Protection

If there’s one concern most people have when placing their items in storage, it’s ensuring the items won’t become damaged. Sometimes the elements are the biggest enemy in a storage situation – but not here.

With our ventilated and climate-controlled storage containers in San Diego, you can feel at ease about storing sensitive items such as:

  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Perishable items
  • Delicate fabrics
  • Wooden furniture

Thanks to the professional conditions of our San Diego storage units, your items are safe for any duration. When you put your property in these units, you can put away fears about your items, spoiling, fading, peeling, or diminishing in any way.

Secure Facilities with Comprehensive Protection

It wouldn’t be the best storage in San Diego without a focus on security. While the elements are a risk to your items, many people worry about property being accessed by unauthorized parties. This is why we design our policies around offering maximum protection.

Our facilities are fully staffed and equipped with alarms to provide the double-layer of protection you deserve. Items are accessible by appointment, which helps us control traffic to the area and greatly reduce the chance of any security issues.

Convenient Terms for a Better Experience

We believe that you deserve more than just secure storage space. You deserve the right services to complement them. Our full-service storage approach comes complete with:

  • Inventory Tracking: You’ll always know what you have in storage and what you’ve taken back with you.
  • Delivery Service: We’ll deliver your belongings to and from these units. We can even load directly from them come moving day.
  • Storage Insurance: As protected as your items are in transit and storage, you may still worry about them. Our moving and storage insurance will keep you covered.

Whether we’re moving your items to storage, transporting them to your new location, or bringing them safely back to your home or business, satisfaction is guaranteed. When you work with Best Fit Movers, you’ll always get the best moving and storage services in San Diego.

Get Full-Service Storage in San Diego from Best Fit Movers

Protecting your belongings is our top priority. This is true whether they’re in the back of our moving trucks or in one of our high-quality climate-controlled storage containers. San Diego depends on Best Fit Movers, and we work to exceed expectations every time.

Our licensed, insured, experienced organization has plenty of positive feedback. When you leave your items in our secure San Diego storage spaces, you can feel confident knowing that they’re well cared for.

Storage is one of those services that can come in handy in countless situations. No matter how many belongings you have, how long you’re offloading them, or where they’re heading afterwards, count on our talented team to give you the space and the experience you deserve.

Ready to get full-service storage in San Diego that’s spacious, secure, smartly designed, and set up to accommodate you completely? Connect with us today for a free estimate. When you store with us, your items will be out of the way, but never in harm’s way.



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