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17 Genius Moving Tips for San Diego Military Families

If you are a member of the military, you have special challenges when facing a residential move. Often, military moves must be done quickly once you get your orders, which means time is not always on your side. With professional military movers skilled in these types of challenging relocations behind you, the task is made simpler.

Here are some genius moving tips for San Diego Military families:

1.    Start Planning (But Not Too Soon!)

When you get wind of orders to relocate, your first instinct is to jump into planning mode months before you even know where you’re going to be stationed. Keep your stress level to a minimum by waiting for the actual orders to arrive. Then get moving.

2.    Create a Moving Binder

You will accumulate more paperwork more often than you ever thought possible during your military move. Compile a brightly-colored binder with sleeve protectors containing copies of your orders, social security cards, birth certificates, mortgage documents, and rental agreements to stay organized.

3.    Declutter

To keep moving costs low and avoid bringing too much junk with you to your new house, start decluttering now. Make a point to get rid of 10 items every day. Throw anything away that is broken. Hold a yard sale. Make donations to the base thrift store or a local collecting bin. Sell online.

4.    Start Washing

About a month before the move, start washing your curtains, slipcovers and pillow covers. Dedicate a staging area of your house where the newly-cleaned items will gather until it’s time to pack.

5.    Take Photos

Rather than inventory by item, which can be a tedious process, open your cabinets and take pictures of what’s in there. In the event you need to make a claim, a photo will provide hard evidence.

6.    Use Baggies

Rather than haphazardly throw small items from your junk drawers in boxes, sort them into giant baggies. This is a great way to keep track of silverware, spices, markers, pens, kitchen utensils, small toys and electronics cords.

7.    Take a Photo of Wiring

Specifically, take a photo of the back of your TV so you will know which wires go where in the new place. Do the same for computers and other complicated electronics.

8.    Don’t Bother Moving Unopened Boxes From a Previous Move

As a military family, you likely accumulate a lot of stuff that you just never use. This can really add up when you consider military families move every two and a half years. Get rid of cardboard boxes of stuff from your past three duty stations that you never had a chance to unpack.

9.    Accept Help on Moving Day

If someone offers to help watch your kids or pets on moving day or the days leading up to it, take them up on it!

10. Hire Packers

Many movers also offer packing services. Take advantage of this service to save you time and hassle. They will make sure your breakable stuff arrives unbroken.

11. Throw Out Old Stuff

By this, we mean any items than are old, worn and dirty – specifically toilet brushes, mops and brooms. These are easy enough to replace at the new home.

12. Keep an Essentials Box With You

Pack an essentials box that contains everything you will need the first day after moving in, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, cleaners, sanitizing wipes, chargers, prescriptions, drinks and snacks. Take this box with you in your car; don’t pack it on the truck.

13. Divide and Conquer

Once you move into the new place, it will have to be cleaned top to bottom. Why should you do it all? Designate tasks to your kids. Chances are, they’ll be eager to help get everything settled. You may even want to consider hiring a local cleaner if you have the extra cash.

14. Take Photos of the New House

Take photos of the empty house before you start unpacking, which will make it easier to document any damage to the carpet and walls.

15. Open One Box at a Time

It’s very tempting to open a box, decide that you don’t know where you’re gonna put all the contents, then move on to another box. This is a mistake that will end up overwhelming you later on. You’ll end up with a lot of half unpacked boxes everywhere. Instead, once you open a box, empty it out completely, then break down the box.

16. Make it Fun

Boxes get overwhelming. They seem to multiply. Why not make a game of it? Have a race to see how many boxes you and your family can unpack in one hour. Promise a small reward, like a trip to the new neighborhood park, an ice cream or something else. The point is to keep moving forward.

17. Look for the Positives

No one likes change, but you have to focus on the positives about the move. Perhaps it involves a promotion for your service member, or you’re moving to a bigger and better house. Or maybe you’re just glad to get rid of the nosy neighbor you didn’t care for in the old place. Whatever it is, look for the silver lining and celebrate those reasons with your family.

Military families move all the time. It’s just a part of the lifestyle that you can’t change. Might as well make the most of it and embrace each move with pride and a positive outlook. Of course, having a mover you can trust makes everything work seamlessly.

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