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Ultimate Guide for Moving Clothes on Hangers, Shoes and More

Packing up the clothes and shoes in your closet sounds like a daunting prospect, but it’s just something that has to be done when moving. With the right preparation, you can easily move clothes on hangers, shoes and accessories, but there is indeed a right and wrong way to pack all that stuff. The first step is to de-clutter…get rid of the clothes you no longer want. Then, for the things you want to take with you, you should wash, fold and pack items in the right containers. If you just throw them into boxes, you will have a mess on your hands later.

You can do all this yourself, or you can hire professional movers to pack up your clothing, shoes and accessories. If you decide to do it yourself, check out these tips to successfully moving your closet.

Organize, Declutter and Launder Clothing

Before packing your clothing and wardrobe items, make sure they are clean and free of stains. Wash and dry everything before folding them or hanging them. Don’t pack stained or damaged seasonal items without first having them repaired or treated. Take a look at your entire closet and leave behind any items that you have outgrown or haven’t worn in one year.

  • Organize clothing; you can do this by season or family member.
  • Create piles of similar items, matching a packing box with the size of each pile.
  • Discard as much unused clothing as possible so you don’t have to pack as much.
  • Separate your seasonal clothing. You can pack off-season clothing (stuff you won’t wear within three months of moving day) way ahead of time.

Clothing: On Hangers

  1. Purchase wardrobe boxes for your nice clothes

If you have high-end clothing, it’s important to pack it right. That means you should pick up some wardrobe boxes, which are small, portable closets where you can hang your clothing for the trip. They come in a variety of sizes, but most measure two feet wide by three feet long, featuring a built-in metal bar on which you can hang clothing. The result? Wrinkle-free relocation. They’re not cheap, so only use these boxes for your best clothing, such as evening wear, prom dresses, wedding dresses, suits, tuxes, and even your best work clothes.

  1. Use trash bags for the rest

Everything else can go in trash bags – a much cheaper alternative. Pick up some basic drawstring trash bags. Then, gather your hangers and clothes together, place them inside the trash bag, tighten up those drawstrings around the hooks, then tie it all closed. You should only see the hooks sticking out. Pile each set on top of each other.

Clothing: In Boxes

  1. Wash clothing and underwear

For all the clothing that made the cut, wash it: undergarments, t-shirts, jeans and workout gear first. Once clean and dry, fold and place in a box. If you pack dirty or damp clothes in a sealed box for many days while you move, you will notice an odor upon unpacking, and you may even have a mildew problem on your hands.

  1. Line boxes

The best way to protect folded clothes is to line boxes with packing paper or plastic wrap.

Moving Your Shoes

  1. Pack up shoes in original boxes and bags

Ideally, you will have kept some or all of your original shoe boxes. In this case, place your shoes back in those boxes for transport. You may also consider drawstring shoe bags if you don’t have the original boxes. They’re pretty affordable.

  1. Wrap with packing paper

Before adding the shoes to the boxes or bags, wrap them carefully with packing paper. You may even want to stuff the inside of the shoe with packing paper so it can better retain its shape.

Other Helpful Tips

  1. Use your suitcases

You have suitcases…why not use them for packing? This will help you maximize space. Pack your clothing and accessories as you would if you were going on vacation. To make the most of the space inside the luggage, and to prevent wrinkles, try rolling your clothing before packing.

  1. Use clear plastic bins

Pack your shoes and accessories in clear plastic bins. This will ensure they stay contained and help you quickly and easily identify what is in each one. Plus, such bins are waterproof and will guard against damage.


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