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How to Combine Households the Smart Way

Maybe you’re getting married for the first time, or maybe it’s both of your second marriages and you each have a few kids. Or maybe you’re moving into an apartment with a buddy after college to split rent. Whatever the case, blending households comes with its exciting times as well as its challenges.

How will you decide what to bring with you and what to leave behind? How will you fit everything into one home or apartment? Keep a few things in mind when combining households in San Diego:

  • Downsize non-essentials
  • Gather personal items and decide what to do with them
  • Throw out or donate any duplicates
  • Carefully select which large pieces of furniture will fit in the new place
  • Make a plan on how you will be merging your lifestyles

Let’s go into each of these in further detail.

Downsize Non-Essentials

Just like with any other type of move, when you downsize, you make the whole process go more seamlessly. As you assess each item, ask yourself if it holds value to you or serves some purpose in your life. This process can get tricky when it involves two individuals, but if you each vow to be honest and open when it comes to purging, you will be OK.

Use the one-year rule: if it hasn’t been worn or used in a year, get rid of it. From old sports equipment and clothes that no longer fit to appliances and books, consider throwing them out, donating them, giving them away or recycling them.

Gather Personal Items

Before you even move in, check out the closets and other storage spaces and decide between the two of you how you will divide them up. Waiting till you’re all moved in to have this conversation is a recipe for disaster. Take a look at all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you have while still in the old place, and make a plan about where they will go in the new place.

Houzz recommends taking photos of all your stuff so you can refer to it easily when needed, which will save you headaches and arguments on moving day. Also, it’s a good idea to measure large items such as furniture.

Toss the Duplicates

Over the years, you may have accumulated two or more of a lot of things, such as small appliances, cookware, welcome mats, toasters, etc. You only need one, so get rid of the rest. This is the easiest way to make space. Consider the space constraints you will have in the new home. While the larger deluxe coffee maker may make better coffee, you may have a tiny counter and will have to go with your friend’s smaller one-cup-at-a-time version instead.

Carefully Select Furniture

It’s a fact: both your households’ furniture won’t fit into the new place, no matter how hard you try. You probably both have your share of couches, tables, desks, drawers and coffee tables. Come up with a floor plan, take measurements and decide ahead of time which pieces will fit where.

Start by combining all the pieces to come up with a cohesive style and flow for the new home. You’ll have to take measurements of each room’s dimensions, then see which pieces of furniture you can fit in that floor plan. You don’t want to cram too much in there. Even if it can technically fit, you want more of an open flow and feel in the end. Donate unused furniture to charity.

Make a Plan to Merge Lifestyles

If you want to be successful in combining households, this will entail building a whole new life together. You will have to make compromises, whether you’re rooming together to save money on rent, or you’re blending families with a new spouse. It takes a lot of planning and patience to merge households, not just in terms of “stuff” but in terms of expectations in everyday life.

Furnishing your new home and making sure you each get a fair division of assets is important, but it’s not all that’s involved. Look at the moving process as the first step in learning all you can about each other. It may be a year-long commitment till the lease is up or it may be a life-long commitment that you promised each other at the altar. No matter what, you have to get on the same page and make sure the move is a smooth fit.

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