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How to Help Seniors Pack For a Move to Del Mar

Are you a senior who is looking to move to Del Mar? Is your aging parent or other loved one looking to make the move and you’re trying to help them out? If you or someone you love needs help packing for their upcoming move to this coastal community home to just 4,300, you’ll first need to hire senior movers skilled in helping people just like you move and pack efficiently.

Senior movers have experience with older adults and the elderly who may find it overwhelming or physically impossible to pack up all their belongings and pick up boxes on their own. We are sensitive to that here at Best Fit Movers and have a lot of experience with senior moves in and around Del Mar.

Check out these tips on how to help seniors pack for a move.

Make a Moving and Packing Timeline

Before you pack one single item, it’s crucial to come up with a plan on paper. Planning a move involving seniors is an especially arduous task because they have a lifetime of belongings and cherished memories to pack up. It takes time to go through them all, weed out what they no longer want, and properly pack the things they do.

This process becomes even harder for seniors with mobility issues, as they can’t run around like they used to, getting things done and being efficient. There may be stairs to navigate or other obstacles that make packing and moving difficult. As the family member helping them pack, be sensitive to the fact that while they may not move as quickly as they used to, they still deserve your patience and time.

It helps to create a packing timeline so you can be assured of getting it all done within the time parameters specified. Leave extra time for the elderly or those with disabilities, which means you should start packing as soon as you can. Follow these tips for a smooth transition:

  • Establish a timeline.
  • Set a budget.
  • Research senior moving companies.
  • Ask for help from friends and family.
  • Downsize and de-clutter.
  • Make an inventory.
  • Pack.
  • Schedule utilities for the new home.
  • Mentally prepare for the change.

This type of a checklist will help to break large, seemingly insurmountable, chores down into manageable tasks.


Before packing anything, divide your seniors’ belonging into three piles: Keep, donate/sell, trash. Take it room by room and don’t rush. These are your loved one’s memories, and they will have a lot of emotions to process as they go through each item. Perhaps you can devote one room to each day, so as not to make them feel rushed.

Find a local charity they like where you can donate goods they no longer need. Give things to family members, or sell them online. Things that are broken can be tossed. The rest will have to be packed and brought to the new place, or stored in a facility.

It’s a good idea to take an inventory of all items so you have a list of everything owned in case of loss or damage.

Gather Supplies

The next step is to gather all the supplies needed to properly pack and move your senior. It’s important to pack boxes in the proper way to reduce the chance of injury and to make the process simple. You may make the mistake of thinking those thick, sturdy boxes can be overloaded with stuff, but in truth, they shouldn’t. No matter how sturdy they are, boxes can and do buckle under pressure. It’s best to err on the side of caution and keep the boxes relatively light.

Label all boxes with the name of the included items as well as the room in which they’ll need to be placed once in the new home. You may also want to label boxes by how urgently they will be needed. This will guide your movers in knowing what to pack on the truck first and what to pack towards the door so it can be used quickly.

Prevent Hazards

The packing and moving process is a slow one, but it can also be a dangerous one as you or your senior will be navigating through rooms much more frequently. To avoid accidents like tripping and falling, keep paths clear in all rooms of the house and make sure no obstacles are in the way. This will reduce tripping hazards and wheelchair or walker obstructions. Keep in mind that anything from area rugs to cords can pose hazards to those who may be unsteady on their feet.

Essentials Bag

Many seniors have health issues that require multiple prescriptions and medications. They may also have medical equipment and supplies, such as oxygen tanks or diabetic test strips, that they will need to access quickly. If you take a chance and pack those items on the truck for transport, they may not be able to get at them right away.

Pack an essentials bag with these critical items, as well as a change of clothes, pajamas, toiletries, paper plates and plastic utensils, comfort items (favorite blanket, crossword puzzles, etc.), phone chargers, books and other items they will need in the first night or two in the new place.

Your senior move is bound to go smoothly when you heed the above tips while packing for your Del Mar relocation.

Contact Best Fit Movers

If you are an older adult who needs help packing, or you are looking for help for your parent or other loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Best Fit Movers. We specialize in senior moves and packing, and would be happy to get you started with a free quote. Just contact us today in San Diego at 858-943-3628. We make it easy for seniors to move!



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