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How to Make Your Move to LaJolla Easier This Year

Planning a move to LaJolla in 2021? Planning is key, as is partnering with a trusted moving company that has extensive experience moving people to and from this beautiful community, home to 46,000 and surrounded by hillside bluffs and beaches. Here’s how you can make your upcoming move easier.

1.  Learn About LaJolla

  • Look at Neighborhood Databases: With so many online databases acting as a repository for data on every U.S. city, is a great resource for viewing profiles of LaJolla, backed by statistics such as median income levels and cost of living. NeighborhoodScout is another good site that provides drilled-down descriptions on demographics. Go to StreetAdvisor if you want neighborhood and street rankings, or Walk Score which will rate neighborhoods in LaJolla in terms of proximity to schools, stores, parks, and coffee shops.
  • Call City Hall: Call city hall or visit LaJolla Town Council to find new resident resources, online guides and listings of current city officials. Here, you can find out anything from how to set up your utilities to how to find the top local Internet provider. And don’t forget about the Chamber of Commerce for suggestions on top-rated businesses in the area.
  • Learn the Commute: If you’re commuting for work, you understandably want to know how long the drive will be each day. For instance, it takes about 20 minutes to get from LaJolla to downtown San Diego. Check Google Maps for traffic overviews and estimates. If you are planning to take public transportation, learn the routes and schedules ahead of time.
  • Check School Reviews: If you have kids, you obviously want to settle in a neighborhood with a strong school system. Check out GreatSchools for helpful guides ranking local schools on a scale of 1-10. The rankings come from standardized test scores, college readiness and student outcome rates, as well as reviews from other parents in LaJolla.
  • Look at Crime Rates: Check out crime statistics and maps for San Diego, or head to sites like CrimeReports, SpotCrime and Family Watchdog, which are all online databases analyzing local crime stats by area and type of crime. SafeWise shows rankings of the safest cities in the state and nation.
  • Try User Forums: Locals are usually the most honest when it comes to living in a particular area, which is why you should head to LaJolla online forums run by current residents. Ask questions about life in LaJolla or just browse the entries. There are also user forums on as well as city subreddit lists on Reddit. Head to Nextdoor, too – a private networking site where neighbors can chat and connect.

2.     Create a Moving Checklist

How successful your LaJolla move will be will depend on just how organized you are and the amount of tasks you can finish before Moving Day. The most efficient way to tackle this is to create a home inventory and checklist. First, a home inventory will list out all your belongings, which will come in handy when unpacking. The checklist will help you with packing tasks, so you can follow a methodical way to break down each task by room. For the checklist, list each task in order of priority such as two-months out, three weeks out, the day of your move, etc.

3.     Start Decluttering Early On

Before you move a single box, you should take the time to go through each room and purge things you no longer need. No need to pay lots of money for stuff you haven’t touched in years. Good rule of thumb is to get rid of it if you haven’t used or worn it in the last year. Donate it if it’s still in good condition, throw it out if it’s broken, or sell it online to make a few extra bucks.

Only keep things that hold a strong sentimental value (even then, you should still make sacrifices), or things that have a useful purpose. By doing this purge now, you can save the back-breaking work of transporting boxes of junk. Plus, you won’t have to pay movers to pass useless boxes around.

As you go, take photos so you can account for all items once in the new place. It’s a good idea to document fragile or high-end items for insurance purposes too.

4.  Stick to a Budget

A large part of the planning process is to determine how you will pay for the upcoming LaJolla move. While you could technically save money by doing a DIY move, you’ll end up shelling out the same amount anyway after factoring in the insurance, truck rental, moving equipment rentals, and packing supplies, Plus, you risk damaging your items in transit, or hurting yourself lifting heavy furniture.

5.  Hire Professional Movers

As you can see, there are many reasons to hire professional movers for your LaJolla relocation. A move to the San Diego area requires expert attention to detail and an adherence to logistics. Hire residential movers who have a lot of experience with moves to and from LaJolla, as you will be assured they know the neighborhoods, shortcuts and logistics of this area.

Just do yourself a favor and save the time and hassle by hiring professionals right off. They move your stuff damage-free so you can concentrate on more important parts of your move.

The first step is to research a few San Diego area moving companies before making your selection. Conduct extensive research online, read reviews, ask friends and family, call the companies, compare quotes and get at least three detailed estimates. The lowest price is not necessarily the best – consider the whole package. Usually, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is! It’s better to look for experience, good reviews and a positive success rate.

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