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Seniors: How to Tell When it’s Time to Downsize

Now that you’re getting on in years, there may be a few things prompting you to sell the big house you’ve lived in for years and downsize to a smaller space. Perhaps you’re retired now and are no longer tied to that location, or maybe that large home is just getting too much for you to maintain. Whatever the reason, here are some signs that it may be time to make a move.

Your Monthly Housing Expenses Are More Than 30%

You should only be spending 30% of your monthly budget on housing expenses, says CNBC. Homeowners who spend over that are considered to be “financially burdened.” When you’re still in the job market and bringing in a paycheck, those housing expenses may be no problem for you to handle. But as soon as you retire and that paycheck is no longer coming in, especially for those on fixed incomes, this is a sure sign that it’s time to downsize and find a more comfortable financial arrangement.

You’re House Poor

In the same vein, if you have less and less money left over after paying your mortgage or related home expenses, how can you possibly enjoy your retirement years? You have worked hard all these years to be able to relax, not worry about money, travel, or take on a new hobby. While you may technically have enough to cover your housing expenses, you may have very little left over to have, well, fun!

You Can’t Handle the Home Maintenance

This is one of the most common reasons why seniors downsize. If you no longer go out to tend the garden because your arthritis bothers you, or you don’t have the energy to mow the lawn, or you don’t have the dexterity to make small home repairs any longer, it’s probably time to consider moving somewhere where all of those tasks are taken care of for you.

Your Home Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle Anymore

There was a time when your large home barely seemed to contain the chaos of raising babies, toddlers, then teens and young adults. Every room was occupied, no one could get into the bathroom, and the game room was the favorite gathering spot of all the neighborhood kids. Now, as you step back and take in the cavernous space that once seemed so small, you realize that it’s far too big. From extra rooms that you have to heat to multiple stairways you have to climb, your home may simply not fit your lifestyle anymore. You may need something smaller, with no stairs, with just one bedroom and bathroom, and no big yard to worry about.

You’re the Oldest in the Neighborhood

When you first bought your home, you were likely among a whole group of young families just starting out, raising kids, and forming the very foundation of the neighborhood. But you may have seen that very same neighborhood turn over several times now. If you’re the oldest resident on the block, surrounded by a constant influx of young people every few years, you can feel isolated as you age in place. Your friends long ago passed on or moved away, and you don’t feel the same connection to the neighborhood as you once did.

Your Career is Not Tied to Your Location Any Longer

You likely bought your home at the beginning of your career. As you moved through that career, even though you may have changed jobs, you always rotated in and out of that area, orbiting around your home. But once you retire, there is no practical need to stay in that physical location (unless, of course, you live close to your kids and grandkids). But aside from that motivating factor, there’s no boss telling you that you can’t live in Florida half the year, or that you have to live within a certain mile radius of headquarters. This is a freedom that many seniors embrace.

Whatever your reason for moving – even if you’re eager to get a fresh start – the prospect of starting over in a new city can be terrifying. This is especially so if you’ve lived in your home for decades and raised your family there. You need movers who are sensitive to this change and will help in any way they can.

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