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Why You’re Making Moving Harder on Yourself

Yes, moving is stressful. But you may inadvertently be doing things that are making the move even harder on yourself than they need to be. Check out these top ways you’re contributing to the difficulty of moving in San Diego

You Don’t Use Checklists

Instead, you would rather rely on your inner intuition. But while trusting your gut is good on the sports field or in the office, truth is, moving is a complex endeavor whereby you can’t just “wing it.” You have to have a plan in place, or else something important will inevitably go by the wayside.

Follow a detailed moving checklist and timeline to guide you through the process.

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You Think You Can Handle the Move by Yourself

You may think professional movers are overrated and you assume you can handle all the packing and heavy lifting by yourself. While this may be possible for a small apartment or studio move, anything bigger almost always requires outside help from professionals. Maybe you crave control and hate asking for help, or maybe you’re trying to cut corners and shave some money off your budget.

In either case, you’re actually increasing your costs in the end when you factor in possible property damage as you try to move your armoire or piano by yourself – not to mention physical harm to your body!

Do you really want to spend weeks on end packing all your stuff, only to carry large furniture pieces and countless boxes out of your home and load them on a rented moving truck that you then have to drive to the new location? Trust us, you’re piling on way more stress than you need to. Just hire movers and let them take care of this.

You Fail to Create a Budget

Coming up with a moving budget is essential, as it tells you how much you can realistically spend and it tracks your spending during the process. You have to be prepared financially for the move and all the expenses that come with it. If you fail to make a budget, you’ll inevitably go over it and end up spending a lot more cash than you bargained for. Now you have less money to use for new furniture or décor in the new place.

As part of the budgeting process, always ask around for a few estimates and then compare the three. Choose the one with the most reasonable prices and the best reputation.

You Don’t Sort Your Items Beforehand

When you’re moving everything you own, sorting everything out is a key part of the process. You may think it’s a waste of time to go through it all beforehand, but you’re doing yourself a big disservice if you skip this part. Start decluttering as soon as you know you’re moving. Start with little-used rooms and progress from there.

Throw things out you no longer need, donate stuff that’s in good condition, and sell some items online to make a bit of extra cash. Why pay to pack and move stuff you don’t even want?

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You Leave Packing to the Last Minute

Always a bad idea. Packing is definitely the most time-consuming task when it comes to moving, so don’t leave this till the last minute or you’ll be ripping your hair out. Start weeks or months ahead of time so you’ll be packed and ready to go come Moving Day.

You Pack Fragile Items Without Protecting Them

You’re just asking for trouble! If you want your fragile items to arrive at the new house in the same condition as when they left, you have to pack and pad them properly beforehand. If not, you’ll be unboxing a lot of broken and damaged items in the new house. You’ll have to pay to replace them, or in the case of invaluable mementoes, the memories are lost forever.

Pick up extra wrapping paper, tape, blankets and bubble wrap to keep your fragile items safe and sound so they can make the trip unscathed.

You Forget to Label Boxes

If you think you’ll remember what’s in each box, think again. It’s a big mistake not to label boxes, or at least label them in detail. Don’t just write “clothing” on a box – write whose clothing it is, and which room it goes into once at the new house. You can even go further than that and label which type of clothing is in the box, such as “summer wear” or “holiday sweaters” so you know which boxes take priority.

You Don’t Use Dollies

Lifting heavy items with your back is a recipe for disaster. Do yourself a favor and hire movers who can come with dollies for easy lifting. Your back will thank you later.

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You Don’t Ask For Help

If you have hired professional movers, you may think you don’t need any additional help beyond that. But the truth is, you need friends and family to help with the little details. Maybe your sister can watch your kids on Moving Day so they don’t get underfoot and cause chaos. Maybe you can ask your best friend to transport some valuables in her own car for you so they are treated with care. Maybe your cousin is a great multi-tasker who has amazing organizational skills and can help direct everyone on Moving Day.

Whatever the case, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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