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Preparing for Your Moving Company

With moving day coming up quick, there are a few things you can do to make the process go more smoothly. That includes being ready for your moving team to arrive.

Being prepared not only saves time for everyone involve, it saves you money. That’s because most local movers charge by the hour. Ask your moving company what you can do to make sure everything goes seamlessly. Here are some general tips.

Start Planning as Soon as You Can

Getting a head start is key. This will make sure you have a stress-free moving experience. Many people misjudge how much time and effort it’s going to take to complete a residential move. They leave everything till the last minute and run around frantically trying to get it all done. Ask your moving company if they offer additional services that could take some of the burden off your shoulders, such as packing. Book this service well ahead of time and build it into your moving timeline.

Use Standard Boxes

Don’t get fancy with the types and sizes of boxes you use. Standard sizes will be just fine, and will allow your movers to gauge best how to fit them all in the truck. They have this down to a science, so if you start throwing in all different sizes and types, this will throw off the balance. To make it easier and quicker to pack the truck, stick with traditional boxes in all the same sizes if you can.

Label Everything

This will make it much easier to load the truck by room and destination, so that once you arrive in the new place, everything can be unloaded and placed in the correct rooms. This saves time and hassle for everyone. Label each box with the contents and the room it’s going to. Be specific. Your movers don’t know where “Timmy’s Room” is. Instead, label it as “second room on the left.”

Label Doorways Too

Add labels to the tops of every doorway in the new digs, to further help identify the room so the movers know where to put it. For example, “master bedroom,” “main bathroom,” etc. While it may seem like a lot of prep work now, trust us, it will save a ton of time later so you’re not directing movers as they file into your home laden with boxes.

Dresser Drawers

Your mover will likely allow you to keep the contents of your dresser drawers intact. However, they will ask that you remove anything fragile or expensive. This is because they often have to put the dresser on its side in the truck. You don’t want anything valuable to fall out and break.


Create an inventory as you’re packing to keep count of every item you have. Your moving company may ask for a copy of this checklist to make sure everything adds up. State the current condition of all items, suggests My Moving Reviews.

Centralize Boxes

Before your movers arrive, put all boxes in a central location on the main floor of the home so your movers can quickly grab them and head back out to the truck. Not only does this save a lot of time, it prevents the need for the movers to traipse through your house collecting boxes, keeping your floors clean. And try to keep all boxes on the first floor so movers don’t have to navigate stairs.

Pillows, Linens and Bedding

The first thing you’re going to want to do once you’ve moved into the new place is rest. Naturally, you’ll want to sleep in your cozy new bed. In order to make sure you can make up all the beds upon arrival is to bring those boxes or bags with you in your car OR make sure the movers know to pack those last so they’re the first out of the truck.

Disassemble Furniture

Many movers will offer this service, but if you prefer to do it yourself, take off furniture legs and accessories to save time.


Electronics are tricky items to safely pack. If you have kept the original boxes, it’s wise to pack your computers, tablets, printers and other electronics in their original packaging. If not, use regular boxes but be sure to use a lot of padding so they don’t get damaged. Another tip: take photos of the wiring configurations before unplugging, so you can refer to those when trying to set everything up in the new place.

Contact Best Fit Movers

To get the ball rolling, why not contact us for a free moving quote in San Diego? We’ll let you know just what to do to prepare for the big day.





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