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The Hidden Costs of Moving: 11 Extra Fees to Look Out For

Now that you’re researching movers in San Diego for your upcoming relocation, you’re realizing the costs involved in this endeavor. They aren’t always cheap. The costs can be quite high, not just for your movers, but to buy a new house, get a new job and buy all the furnishings you will need.

The last thing you need is a nasty surprise from your movers in the form of hidden fees. But it’s a fact of the business: you will pay a base fee for a standard move, but many other little extra services could be tacked on. The key is to ask the right questions and be aware of what those fees are before signing on the dotted line.

On top of shipping your household items, many movers offer additional services for an extra fee. But you can’t always pick and choose charge; somethings the criteria of your move will dictates those extra fees or necessitate a particular service. Perhaps your heavy belongings have to be hauled upstairs if your new apartment or condo doesn’t have an elevator. Your movers will charge extra for this due to the logistics and extra muscled involved.

When you’re shopping around for movers, ask which additional services they offer that could best meet your needs. Get it all in writing on your moving estimate, double-checking the conditions and charges before signing anything. Here are some of the typical add-on fees you can expect to encounter.

1.     Packing/Unpacking

Arguably the most time-consuming task in any move, the process of packing can’t be avoided. If you neglect proper packing with the right supplies, you risk your cherished items getting broken en route. But not everyone has the time to do all that packing. Many movers will do this for you, taking on any liability and bringing all the necessary supplies.

You may have to spend extra on crating if you have, say, artwork or antiques that need extra TLC. Such custom-built wooden crates or form-fitted cardboard boxes offer the highest levels of protection, but you will pay for that privilege.

You can also opt for unpacking services, usually based on an hourly fee structure. You may face a disposal fee, too, if you ask your movers to discard all packing materials as they leave.

2.     Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly

If you have large, awkward pieces of furniture such as pool tables, arcade games, sectionals and the like, it’s usually necessary to dismantle them before moving it so hallways and staircases can be more safely navigated. But if you don’t have the tools or know-how to dismantle such items, you can let your movers do that too. They can do it much more quickly and efficiently than you can, without damaging the item as well as surrounding floors and walls.

3.     Special Items

Movers won’t automatically disconnect or connect your electrical appliances. If you want them to do this for you, you will pay an appliance servicing fee. For items that require special packing, like hot tubs, safes and billiard tables, they will charge extra for it.

4.     Long Carry

If the moving van is forced to park more than 50 to 75 feet from your home’s entrance, your movers aren’t required to bring your items inside the premises unless you fork over an extra fee. If you refuse, they will take your stuff off the truck and leave it in the yard. They will bring your items in the house if you pay an additional long-carry fee.

5.     Stairs

You may be assessed an additional flight charge if the movers have to take your stuff up the stairs. The cost will be based either per step or per flight. If your building has an elevator, reserve it in advance.

6.     Lowering or Hoisting (AKA Rigging)

When your furniture won’t fit through doors, staircases or hallways, your movers will have to engage a rope-and-pulley system so they can bring them in through a window. Not every mover offers this, and those that do will charge you extra.

7.     Exclusive Use of the Truck

When moving a long-distance, such as cross country, your household items may be placed on the same truck as other people’s shipments that will be taking the same route. This helps movers save money and hassle by consolidating large jobs. It also saves you money. The tradeoff is that you may not get your stuff delivered on time, and there is no guarantee of a set delivery day. If you want the entire truck to be used for your items only, you will pay a fee for the exclusive use of the truck.

8.     Shuttle Services

When large moving trucks can’t access your property, a smaller shuttle truck will have to be used. This is extra.

9.     Split Pickup/Delivery

If the movers have to pick up belongings from many different locations, or if you want some of your stuff to go one place and the rest to go to another, you will pay a split pickup or delivery service fee.

10.  Waiting Time and Re-Delivery

If you find it impossible to meet the moving truck at the new house on the agreed-upon date, you will get charged an extra fee for waiting, or a fee for storing your stuff until you arrive.

11.  Storage and Warehouse Handling

Storage-in-transit is sometimes necessary, and you will be charged an extra fee for every day your belongings are in storage.

Remember, additional services and prices vary by moving company. Do your homework beforehand so you can protect your wallet.

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Being aware of what the extra fees are and knowing the right questions to ask: this is key during the research phase of your move. While we can help you with all facets of your move, from piano moving to packing, these services will cost you extra. We are always upfront about what those fees entail so you can be kept in the loop with no surprises later. Just contact us in San Diego at 858-943-3628 to schedule your upcoming move.








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