Top 5 San Diego Moving and Storage Tips

1. Organize Your Storage Boxes Properly

Moving into a new home or business in San Diego can be extremely overwhelming, but with proper planning and organization, your move should go off without a hitch. Investing in moving and storage services will simplify the process even further as the moving, packing and storage will be handled professionally. While it is still possible to move on your own, working with a professional moving company will save you a lot of time and stress. In this article, we look at the top 5 San Diego moving and storage tips as well as the benefits of hiring professional San Diego Movers.

When moving or storing your belongings, make sure that all your moving boxes are well-organized. Fill the boxes to the top as half-filled moving boxes tend to collapse during the move and inside the storage unit when other items are placed on top of them. A good idea is to fill in the gaps with crumpled newspapers so that you can successfully move or store your valuables without causing damage. In case you need to access some items in storage, these items should be placed in the front.

2. Use High-Quality Moving Boxes

80 percent of your belongings should be packed and stored in small and medium moving boxes because they are easy to transport and they are not too heavy for the movers. While moving companies may provide moving boxes, you can also buy quality sturdy boxes that are specially designed for moving and storing. These boxes are made with stronger fibers so that they do not crush when stacked. They are also easy to layer thanks to their uniformed sizing which ensures that you get the most out of the available storage space.

3. Hire Professional Storage Loaders

Once you choose a storage unit where your belongings can fit into, have storage loaders pack it to the ceiling. This ensures that you do not pay more for storage space you are not using. Professional loaders have the proper loading equipment to help maximize space. Most moving and storage companies in San Diego will help you determine the most appropriate storage unit for your belongings.

4. Arrange Your Items Properly

Professional movers in San Diego will help you organize your items properly to prevent damage. For instance, during moving or storage, heavy items like furniture should be placed on the floor while lighter or fragile items should be placed on top. The spaces left should be filled with soft items like towels and bedding.

5. Be Sensitive to Weather

Presence of humidity in the storage unit can cause irreparable damage to your valuable items. The furniture may warp or your appliances could develop mildew. Some small spaces can be left between the items to improve air circulation which is helpful in preventing mildew. While San Diego has a consistent temperature, it can get hot in the storage unit in the summer thus it is advisable to consider climate controlled storage units that restrict the humidity and temperature.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company In San Diego

Best Fit Movers are experienced in long-distance moves and have the necessary skills to ensure that your move goes as smooth as possible. When it comes to moving, so many things can go wrong like packing, storage and more. A moving company will help ease your mind since they will handle everything for you allowing you to focus on other equally important things like getting ready for your new job or helping your kids prepare for a new school.

Professional moving companies like Best Fit are well-equipped to carry your heavy furniture up and down the stairs so that you do not get injured when trying to move heavy objects. A moving company will also offer some type of insurance to protect your personal possessions in case of an accident. If you are planning your next move in San Diego, think smart and consider using our moving and storage services today. We provide modern and secure storage facilities for your valuables and the best part is that we offer one-month free storage with our moving services. We remain committed to serving you with respect and honesty while protecting your most cherished belongings.

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