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7 Tips & Tricks For Packing Your Home on a Budget

Relocating can be very exciting, but let’s face it, packing out of your current location is certainly not part of the excitement. From sorting various items to getting moving supplies and even budget concerns, uprooting yourself and your belongings can be very overwhelming. As such, we compiled some useful tips and tricks for packing your home on a budget before finding moving professionals to help you with your move. Check out these pocket-friendly ideas to help turn that packing nightmare into an organized daydream.

1. Use second-hand moving supplies and tools

The goal here isn’t to avoid spending money but rather to save as much as possible and one of the easiest ways to do this is using second-hand moving supplies and tools. Consider sourcing some of your moving items from friends, family, neighbors, and even thrift stores around you.

2. Use garbage bags for soft items

Think about it, garbage bags are big, cheap, waterproof, and chances are you already have them in your home. These handy bags aren’t just good for packing your belongings, they can also be a useful means of transporting items to your new home. Just make sure you use them for soft items that won’t puncture or rip them.

3. Declutter your whole home

Nothing speaks “fresh start” louder than letting go of old stuff. We cannot overemphasize how important this is to a stress-free move. You don’t want to bury your new place in the same old junk so before you move, be sure to rid yourself of all unwanted and unnecessary items. You could donate to Goodwill or organize a yard sale to earn some cash in the process.

4. Use clothing to pack fragile items

Improvisation is another frugal yet effective method of packing up. Before looking to purchase moving supplies, why not look at some of the things you already own? Instead of spending on plastic wraps, consider using materials like clothing, bed linens and towels to wrap delicate items. The soft fabrics protect fragile objects while also saving you some extra money.

5. Sell undesired items online

The online marketplace can be a very useful asset when moving. You should take advantage of the ease it provides for connecting buyer and seller to sell undesired items. All you need are good pictures of whatever things you need to sell and an online platform for publishing the sale. In addition to having less to pack and saving money, you also make money with this tip.


6. Use egg cartons for extra-fragile items or for storage

Protecting your valuables can become one of the many moving expenses. Egg cartons double as a great way of storing and protecting delicate items as you move. By lining them against moving boxes and cabinets, egg cartons cushion breakable items like plates, cups, and other tableware. They can also be used to pack jewelry so they don’t tangle. Just remember to tape or seal them with plastic so nothing falls out.

7. Label your boxes correctly

A good organizational skill requires labeling items accordingly to avoid mix-ups. Instead of sifting through several boxes to find certain things, correctly labeled boxes help you spot items easily. This may also include color-coordinating moving boxes based on their content. Additionally, this tip makes unpacking much easier and in case you’re using professional movers, it helps them work more efficiently. 

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Author: Patrick Caramalac

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