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9 Tips to Unpacking and Settling in After Your Move

Well, you made it! All those weeks of planning and packing finally paid off. You made the trip and now you’re about to start the process of unpacking and settling in. Unfortunately, your job isn’t done yet. Even though your family has successfully transitioned to your new home, and the movers have delivered everything intact, you are left with a space cluttered with boxes.

Now, the next step begins: unpacking. It will take some time so don’t rush it. Have a plan in place to organize, coordinate, and decorate all at the same time. Here are 9 unpacking tips to make sure you stay focused and motivated.

1.Break Up Tasks

Don’t view your entire house as one project. Rather, break up the tasks by unpacking one room at a time. Yes, it can be very stressful to see mountains of boxes or containers. We get it. You’ve rushed to unpack the daily necessities, but you may be sidelined by that nagging feeling that you still need to sort, clean and place all the remaining items. Small tasks are more manageable.

2.Start Small and Take Your Time

When you take baby steps, you have a feeling of accomplishment going room by room. Then, as you make progress, you won’t feel overwhelmed and will actually feel a small sense of accomplishment every time you can check something off the list.

3.Reward Yourself Along the Way

Unpacking, rearranging, and organizing is stressful. You deserve a treat here and there. This is why you should reward yourself throughout the settle-in process. Let’s say you dedicated the whole weekend to progressing with all the unpacking chores…take the next night off for yourself or to spend with the family.

Order pizza and watch a movie. Positive reinforcements work for every member of your family. Don’t forget to reward the kids for organizing their closets or unpacking their toys. We all need a treat now and then. These will help to spur you on and keep going!

4.Set Goals

Set small goals to break everything up into manageable tasks. Make it your objective to get your entire home office set up and unpacked by the end of this week. You may focus on main living spaces first, and then storage items another time. Come up with a priority list and follow it.

5.Schedule a Housewarming Party

If you have a deadline such as a party, this will motivate you to unpack more quickly rather than stagnate. It helps to know you will be entertaining guests in prioritizing what areas should be addressed first. Come up with a planned timeline so you can better commit to the tasks at hand.

6.Identify Challenges

Some of the things you need to unpack aren’t exactly a priority — that box of books or maybe some picture frames. You need shelving to be installed before you can add these things, but that project may be delayed. So, a simple display project can be put off indefinitely if you don’t have a plan in place.

So, create a list of items you will need ahead of time, walking through the home room by room to identify what needs to be in place first. Use that list as your priority.

7.Leave Décor to Last

For now, functionality, comfort and safety come first. Don’t overwhelm yourself with décor challenges until you’ve done everything else. This will reduce your stress as well as prevent the need to change things after unpacking. For now, figure out what makes the most logical use of space and what gives you the most efficient access.

If you unpack things now and change your mind later about how it looks, it will be OK. Don’t make any permanent fixes until you are absolutely sure everything is in place. Later, you can step back and adjust things for appearance sake.

Settling In

Now that you’re pretty much done with the packing, or at least most of it, how can you settle into your new place? How can you reward yourself with a job well done? There are many ways, whether you decide to stay in or go out.

8.Stay In

  • Order Takeout: You’re tired and do not really want to go out but you are indeed hungry. You don’t have the energy to cook after a full day of moving. Treat yourself and order takeout.
  • Game Night: If you can locate all the board games or card decks in the mountain of boxes, clear a space on the floor or table. Have fun for a few hours with the family, or invite some friends over to share in the fun. Sometimes you just need to laugh and your batteries are recharged.
  • Movie Night: You may not have the TV hooked up at this point, but you can always pull out your laptop or tablet and watch a movie – one everyone can agree on. Choose a streaming app so you don’t have to search around for your entire Blu-Ray collection.

9.Go Out

  • Dinner: When you’re not in the mood to cook or unpack kitchen utensils, get out for a few hours in your new city. Sample a nearby restaurant, then get dessert at a local ice cream stand to reward the kids.
  • Movie: Don’t rush to install the TV; find the local movie theater and take in a film with your partner to unwind.
  • Event: If there’s a sporting event or theater performance going on in your community, get there. All those boxes can wait till you return.
  •   Take a Walk: Still light out? Take a walk around the block, meet the neighbors, and learn the layout so you can get relaxation ideas for later, such as a nearby park or trail.

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