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Reasons to Move to West Hollywood


If you have an opportunity to move to West Hollywood, take it. There are many great things about this suburb of Los Angeles, from its diversity to farmers’ markets to green spaces. Home to 36,000, West Hollywood is home to the iconic Sunset Strip. This LA County city was incorporated in 1984, and the schools here are considered to be above average, according to Niche.

When you need to move here, you need residential or commercial movers who are well-versed in the layout and neighborhoods of West Hollywood.


Known for short as WeHo, West Hollywood is chock full of up-and-coming stars and everyone else that wants to be like or look like them. You will soon find this bustling city attracts many different types of people from all walks of life. Many are seeking fame, money and a boost in their career, and it’s a haven for the LGBT population. If you crave expression of uniqueness and creativity, you will feel right at home in West Hollywood. This experience also gives you a big opportunity to learn about new cultures and people. It can be quite a shock to some people to move here, and may require some adjustment.

Farmers’ Markets

If you’re a health nut, or you just like foods with fresh ingredients, you will love the fact that there are countless farmers’ markets here in WeHo. They are usually open on weekends, but you will find some open every day of the week. This gives you a chance to meet your neighbors and all the locals that sell their wares. From Melrose Place and the Sunset Strip to Fountain Ave and the Groove, you can hit a different market every day of the week – whether you like baked goods, honey or fresh fruits and veggies.

Awesome Food

Diversity can also be a good thing when it comes to food. From Mexican and Italian to Japanese and American, you will never be at a loss as to what to eat in West Hollywood. There are plenty of restaurants, food trucks, cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, and more here in this beautiful and bustling city in LA. You’re also sure to find cuisine to suit your unique tastes, with lots of vegan and vegetarian options here.

Pet Friendly

Fido is welcome anywhere in this hip city, so if you’re a dog lover, you’ll feel right at home. You can take your dog or other pet virtually anywhere in West Hollywood, with an abundance of dog parks. But they’re also welcome in restaurants and cafes, gyms, and even yoga classes.


Pan Pacific Park is West Hollywood’s claim to fame, boasting a community pool that’s open year-round. Compared with Los Angeles’ lackluster park scene, WeHO boasts some of the prettiest green spaces around. Check out this guide to WeHo parks. You can explore some of the best parks around that include:

  • Crescent Heights
  • Formosa Park
  • Havenhurst Park
  • Kings Road Park
  • Laurel Avenue Park
  • Plummer Park
  • West Hollywood Park and Dog Park
  • William S. Hart Park and Off-Leash Dog Park

Active Lifestyle

Everyone looks good in brief clothing in West Hollywood. People just take better care of themselves here. And it’s easy to do, what with the temperate year-round weather. You can hit the gym, hike a local trail, jog or skate down the boulevards: however you like to get fit, WeHo has all the resources you need for fitness. Can you say rooftop yoga?


Halloween is huge here, more so than in the rest of LA certainly. You absolutely must check out the iconic West Hollywood Halloween Carnival –which was actually the source of inspiration for Michael Jackson’s famous tune, Thriller. The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival also happens to be the second largest event of the year in Southern California, luring tens of thousands of visitors annually. You will be in awe by the entertainment, costume contests, bar specials, parties, and much more.


West Hollywood is all about fun. If you ever find yourself bored in this city, you really should check your pulse. WeHo is built on rock and roll, so don’t miss your chance to hit the Sunset Strip for the best nightlife. In fact, bars and clubs pretty much never close. You can also do other things in WeHo such as wine tastings, art exhibitions, and even an excursion to Route 66 for shopping and restaurants.


West Hollywood is home to some pretty great schools. There are two public schools and 14 private schools to choose from. But your child doesn’t have to attend school in WeHo. He or she has access to the entire Los Angeles area for grade schools, high schools and colleges.

Melrose Trading Post

Hit up the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays for funky furniture, classic records, vintage clothing, cool jewelry or anything else. You never know what rare finds you will encounter here, so don’t miss this weekly, free destination.

The Grove

The Grove attracts a lot of tourists, but you just have to see the musical fountain, a big selection of candy apples and free open-air movie screenings and concerts. This mall is a popular fashion, shopping, dining and lifestyle spot with top-notch retail stores, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Now that we have gone over all the pluses of West Hollywood, it’s time to talk about the biggest bummer: parking. WeHo is known for its problematic parking. Good luck deciphering the parking signs! But if you like to walk, you’re in luck. WeHo is a very pedestrian-friendly LA neighborhood. So the takeaway is: just move here so you don’t have to deal with parking here!

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Author: Patrick Caramalac

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