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The Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Del Mar, CA

The phone rings and your sweaty hands stumble to accept the call. It’s your boss, and your heart sinks. After a series of job layoffs at your company, the sound of his voice heralds doom for your racing mind. You almost don’t hear him say, “congratulations!”

You’ve hooked the promotion, so what’s the catch? You have to begin moving house thousands of miles to a new setting: Del Mar, California.

Whether you accept it or not, Americans are on the move at lower and lower rates — only 8.4% changed their residence between March 2020 and March 2021. How low is that? Well, it’s the lowest in 75 years! Let me tell you why you should go against the stats, and take up the offer.

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Welcome to Del Mar, California!

Your screaming, van-ridden children aside, the beautiful ascetic of Del Mar dishes out a very peaceful sensation to your road-trip-addled mind. More of a “village” than a city, it covers a mere 2.2 square miles.

This might seem like a switch from the mammoth skyscrapers of your previous setting, but while this isn’t the steel jungle you are used to, it’s in San Diego County.

That means that you get the quaint trappings of Del Mar, mixed with easy access to metropolitan San Diego. So, if your children find adapting to the new small-town vibes slow going, then the exciting activities lining San Diego Bay are more than enough to satiate their appetites.

As you cruise on to your new house, with your mountain of luggage looming behind you, they aren’t sure to spot the things you will:

Amenities and livability are what sets this amazing city apart from others in the nation. As you cruise the inland neighborhoods of the city, take a little detour along the pristine 2.2-mile coastline.

There, it’s very easy to marvel at the Powerhouse and Seagrove Parks, which pack a whole slew of family-friendly activities; if you have little ones in tow, draw their attention to Powerhouse Park!

But it’s time to drop your things off at your house. And it sits in prime real estate, some of the best in the nation. But it comes at a steep cost.

That’s because behind the calm and quiet peace that hangs over the manicured paths and trails of Del Mar hides one of the cons of living here — it’s quite the investment. Just how so? Let’s just start with that beautiful house.

Del Mar Housing

Data from 2020 showed that housing in Del Mar was far above the national average. By 721%! The costliest trappings hug the pristine white beaches of the Pacific, so if you’re hunting for some of the less pricey options, then move your search inland.

If your family is larger than the stumpy hosts in “Minions”, then many 5 bedroom homes in Del Mar could easily run for more than 3 million big ones. If you want to try and cram them into every nook and cranny, then there are 2 beds and 1 bath, but one such example reached up to $910,000!

But you have been lucky enough to score a middle-of-the-road piece of the estate, thanks to your swanky new job. So, what can you expect life to look like in Del Mar?

As you settle in, you might be wondering how much living costs in Del Mar will impact your bank account. After all, your children are already ringing into your ears about new beach toys and skateboards to cruise and frolic in their new California home.

It’s enough to cram more migraines into your head, so let’s dive into how much everything from groceries to healthcare will run you.

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Grocery Prices in Del Mar

If you’re moving to Del Mar from the relatively low costs of the southern US, then grocery prices run will run you a little more than in the past:

11% higher than the national average.

The fresh Pacific breeze wafts into your nose and face as you plan out your budget, which convinces you that 11% doesn’t sound too bad. Let’s move down to Health Care.

Del Mar Health Care

Your children are daredevil stunt demons, and they’re bound to fracture a bone or two during their Del Mar adventures, especially as they take in the natural beauty that courses through every avenue.

Thankfully, the price of their hospital visits will be lower than the state average, and only 9% higher than the national average. That fresh air breeze is starting to feel a little sweeter, now.

Here are the prices broken down (as estimates):

  • Optometrists: $117.65
  • Doctor: $125.00
  • Dentist: $107.18
  • Ibuprofen: $11.90
  • Lipitor: $478.86

Del Mar Hospitals

The costs are one thing, but it’s quite another thing to factor in the quality of the care. So, how can you rest assured that your family will receive the highest quality care from top professionals?

If your family needs urgent care, then check out these top-shelf hospitals.

nighttime at del mar beach

Scripps Green Hospital

If you are seeking quality care – who doesn’t – then this award-winning hospital is more than ready to cure your ails. Just how do we know that? Well, from 2020 to 2022, the hospital consistently ranked within the top 5% of the nation, with patients safety excellence awards being racked up in 2021 and 2022.

As you’re planning out your budget for your new journey in Del Mar, then you might be feeling some pain in your joints. Good thing then, that Scripps Green sits only 4.3 miles from Del Mar, because they have pulled in superior scores in Joint Replacement in 2021 and 2022. The team of doctors at this renowned hospital is doing things the right way.

Hopefully, you never have to find your way crawling through any hospital door. And a low crime rate is one way of accomplishing that.

Crime in Del Mar

This is where you can sleep as soundly as your snoring kids in your new Del Mar house. Because Del Mar has a remarkably low crime rate, although it has seen an uptick in recent years.

Despite this, it holds a much lower national average for nearly all kinds of crime, with 2020 dishing out zero murder or robbery cases. The only category where Del Mar holds the unfortunate crown is burglaries. Overall, you should be able to make Del Mar a haven for your family to grow and frolic, without the degree of worry that plagues your other cities.

Total Crime: 22% lower than the national average

Now that you know that the city is a haven, it’s time to stop lacing your mind with worry, and start exploring your new city. So, what opportunities await you in the picturesque climate of San Diego County?

Outdoor Escapades of Del Mar

For starters, drag your kids out of bed, and hit up some of the family-friendly parks as your take in the ocean breeze.

Do you remember driving by Powerhouse Park on your way to your new home? That’s the best option for young toddlers who want to kick off their shoes and conquer the assortment of swings, slides, and climbing obstacles.

Once they have — somewhat — expended their energy, then break out a picnic at Seagrove Park, which lits just above the 15th Street surf break. Here, you can roll out some blankets on the ample, verdant grass, and much on some early brunch before hitting the beach!

If you also brought along your family pet, then there’s the fabled North beach, also called “Dog Beach”, which is the only beach in the city where they can be freed of their burdensome leaches, and let loose to frolic in the waves and surf.

North Beaches brilliant coastline stretches nearly one and a half miles to the border with Solana Beach.

Hiking Opportunities

But the beaches of Del Mar are just one small part of the equation because the beautiful natural landscape of Del Mar extends to its bountiful hiking trails for you to venture out on.

Maybe while you were on the beach, you looked up. Outside of the brilliant blue sky that blankets San Diego daily, you might’ve also noticed towering bluffs that reach up into the blue.

That is North County, and it gifts you and your family the best opportunities for running, paddling, fishing, and diving. Within this area, sits one of the wildest stretches of land on the Southern California Coast — Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve!

del mar hiking trail near pacific ocean

Torrey State Pines Natural Reserve

So, strap up! Buckle up your hiking pack, load up on water, force your children to put their sunscreen on, and strike out into this beautiful bubble of natural beauty.

Named after the rare Torrey pines that blanket the reserve, this is the best chance you have in Del Mar to view miles of unspoiled beaches, an enchanting lagoon, and stunning overlooks that make you feel like Mustafa in Lion King!

Just keep in mind the important thing — this is a reserve and not a national park! As such, you will have to heed certain restrictions:

  • Water is fine, but no other kind of food or drink
  • No dogs are allowed
  • Bring out whatever you bring in
  • No smoking

This is to ensure that you have the most natural experience that can be had. After all, you escaped the city to get away from the trash and the pollution. So, let’s keep it that way!

But Torrey Natural Reserve isn’t the only gem glinting in the Del Mar sun.

Monstrous Bluffs

Venture out further along the coast, and you will be greeted by the imposing bluffs of Scripps Bluff Preserve, as well as the newly restored San Dieguito River Lagoon.

The immense bluffs shoot you up into a commanding view of the coastline, granting you the opportunity to feed the inner birdwatcher in you. For those fitness junkies, you can try conquering the stairs that lead up to the preserve. Kick on some Rocky music, and start climbing up!

Once you reach the top, you will be staring — and huffing — at the quiet trail that will be your gateway to the San Dieguito River Lagoon, a vast expanse of 84 square miles of wetlands, that will bring out your inner Steve Irwin.

So, from the towering vistas, relaxing surf, and bountiful wildlife, Del Mar lives up to its reputation as a natural haven from the stresses of city life.

But this is the weekend, and you know that you will have to send your children off to their new school, and you will have to trudge into your new office.

How do Del Mar schools stack up against the national competition?

Education in Del Mar

Your children might be kicking and screaming as they rail against you, labeling your failures as a mom, or dad, while you wrestle them into their new school clothes.

Don’t feel bad, because you are sending them into a top-notch environment. Just how so?

Student/Teacher Ratio

“It’s not accidental what we’re doing,” District President Kristin Gibson boasted to the Del Mar Times.

So, what exactly can they do for your child?

Individualized attention is the key to learning, and this is all the more possible when there are fewer students for every teacher.

Thankfully, Del Mar keeps the class sizes relatively smaller than the state average, at only 17 students to 1 teacher.

This gifts your child with the best opportunity to engage their teachers and build lasting relationships with their classmates.

So, they might hate you now, but they will love you later.

Schools in Del Mar

There are 5 schools in the city, with two public schools and three private schools.

Given that there was only a population of 4,331 in 2019, this gives a very relaxed educational environment for your children. But has that environment reaped any awards for schools?

Ask the sixth graders.

87 percent of them met or exceeded standards in Math, making this the perfect district for your budding engineer, or physicist! This is even more remarkable when held up against the average rate in the state of California.

When students across the state were graded, they garnered up a mere 36 percent. This means that you can go into work at ease, knowing that your child is strolling into quality classrooms, where they will receive personalized care and attention.

District President Gibson beamed with pride at this fact, pointing out that, “The instructional practices that we have are research-based and effective.”

That mentality enshrined it in the top 1 percent of performers on the 2018 Smarter Balanced Assessment Tests, allowing you to set your child up for success.

So, the school climate is up there with the best of them. What does the work landscape look like?

child holding chalk and a chalkboard in a california classroom

Jobs in Del Mar

As you strike out into your commute, know that the hustle and bustle of early morning traffic wasn’t always that way. When the 2020 covid pandemic rocked California, and Del Mar, unemployment claims shot up through the roof, to the run of 1.06 million cases filed statewide.

With the virus under its reigns, the economy in California, and in Del Mar, is back on the rise.

“Tech has been hot,” praised Alan Gin, an economist at the University of San Diego to the San Diego Union Tribune. And it reflects what’s happening in Del Mar.

In August of 2021, the recovery had pushed jobless claims down to only 59,000 across the entire state. And in Del Mar, the impact was being felt.

From hotels and tourism, out to the health sectors, the seepy little hamlet of a town began to climb out of the doldrums of the pandemic. Now, the median income in the city is climbing back up to record levels.

Just how much so?

An average family in Del Mar pulls in, on average, about $129,063. That’s a 16.3 percent growth, and it shows how the city is on the fast track to economic growth. The average male salary is pushing $80,000 ($78,556), while the average female salary clocks in at $62,156.

That makes Del Mar the perfect place to start building your career ladder, setting you up for a spectacular rise in your workplace.

So you can look around your new hometown with pride — if not for the beautiful scenery that sits bathed in spectacular sunlight, then for the amazing trajectory that the city sits poised to launch from.

But how can you wield that income on a weekend? You went out to some of the local beaches when you arrived, but that’s far from the total picture of what Del Mar has to offer.

Attractions and Restaurants in Del Mar

Once homework, shores, and everything are knocked out, wrangle your family together for your first Friday night out onto the town.

First stop: Del Mar Plaza

Del Mar Plaza: Relaxing Beachfront Bliss

If there’s a downside to this perfectly laid-out plaza, it would be the tight parking that’s characteristic of most of California’s downtown streets. But swing in, and you’ll jump out with a host of restaurants awaiting you.

With 20 locales dishing out their unique flavors, you have a wide menu of options to choose from, making it easy to cater to any type of diet or preference.

Looking to make your plaza romp a romantic getaway? Then the Del Mar Rendevous is just your glass of wine, with a savory selection of fresh vegan options, to a whole array of succulent meats, such as:

  • Mongolian Beef
  • Crispy Duck Wraps
  • Honey Glazed Spare Ribs
  • And more!

This is all wrapped in a very classic and elegant setting, making it the perfect place to take in the fresh breeze of the ocean.

But perhaps you drove your family here from Pittsburgh, Dallas, or some other sports haven! Then, if it’s Friday night, catch the top ticket basketball games at the Monarch Del Mar, a pub that packs everything for the whole family.

From Sunday Brunch Specials to Cocktails, Happy Hour, and a special lunch and dinner menu, it’s not lacking options to stuff your face with. There are even plenty of options for the kids, with a full staple of all the foods they beg you for at-home: burgers, quesadillas, chicken strips, etc.

With your bellies bursting at the seams, you turn your sights to the colorful shops dotting the plaza landscape.


If you chose door A — the romantic option — then the shopping at Del Mar Plaza will delight and enthrall your significant other, especially the ladies.

From brilliant clothing lines to glittering jewelry, this is the place to go for anniversaries, birthdays, or just a chance to capture some special moments.

For the young ones, be sure to direct their bounding energy into Sand Castle Tales, whose shelves are slammed with everything from builder sets, swimwear, books, and more!

You end the night on a high note, and you feel the Pacific breeze on your back as you return to your home. All of a sudden, Del Mar doesn’t seem too bad, does it?

And that was just your first 6 days.

For tomorrow, you’ll christen your first full weekend with a magical experience.

Magical Adventures – A Ride Across The Sky

Get up early in the morning, because you’ll want to catch the cool, fresh breeze for your next adventure. Which will take you up into the clouds!

Tucked away in nearby Temecula, Magical Adventures is a reputed, small family-owned business that will float you and your giddy family up in glorious hot air balloons. You might feel a little nervous, so let’s put those fears at ease:

Every balloon is theirs; all of the pilots are theirs; all of the employees are theirs — there’s no third party between you and the company. What does that mean for you?

That they’re accountable to uphold stellar standards of safety and professionalism.

For the ultimate experience, sign up for a package that includes savory wine straight from Cali vineyards, shop vouchers, free souvenir pictures, and a 45 minute to 1-hour ride that will steal your breath with the sweeping, verdant green vistas of wine country.

Not too bad of a first week in Del Mar, isn’t it?

Start Moving House to Del Mar

You know about the soothing shores of its coastline, the pristine nature that surrounds it, and the calming atmosphere of its small-town feel. You’ve heard about how its stellar education system can help to advance your child through life, while the low crime rate allows them to do so safely.

If you are considering moving house away from the tangled, metal jungle of your city, then contact us today for our amazing, stress-free moving services.

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