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The Ultimate 2 Month Family Moving Checklist (with Timeline)

Planning a relocation with your family to or from San Diego can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s more important than ever to properly and thoroughly plan all aspects of your move. A moving timeline is great tool for preparing your family for the upcoming move. Here are some tasks that need to be done, along with the best time to complete them.

Eight Weeks Before

  • Explain to your kids that you will be moving so they can understand and process what will be happening. Remember, relocations are much tougher on younger children because they don’t always understand what’s happening; go the extra mile to reassure them.
  • Contact your children’s school and tell them about the upcoming move. This way, their teachers can help them complete any necessary work so they will be on track for a smooth transition to the new school.
  • Research your children’s new school in the new town. Check their ratings and join social media groups. Ask your real estate agent for advice, because they know the area better than anyone.
  • If you can, take your kids to the new home and get them familiar with the neighborhood. This will make them feel more comfortable about the move, and even get them excited about the change.
  • Book your movers.

Six Weeks Before

  • Get copies of your family’s medical records so you can secure new doctors for everyone in the new place. Doctors will require copies of your medical records, and you will also need updated vaccination records for them and your kids’ new school.
  • Get at least three references for a new family doctor. This is important, as you have to trust the new physician to take care of everyone. Get referrals from your existing doctor if possible and get recommendations from friends and family.
  • Got pets? Request a copy of their vet records and start researching new vets. Schedule an appointment for them to get all necessary vaccinations before you get to your new home. Some states require certain vaccinations before entering the state.
  • Plan a going-away party for your kids and their friends so they can say a proper goodbye. This is never an easy thing for children, and especially teenagers, to experience. Make it fun and over-the-top so they can bring positive memories with them to their new home.
  • Find fun and exciting activities in your new neighborhood for the whole family to enjoy. Once the craziness of the move is over with, you’ll need to unwind and enjoy your new home. When you know in advance what activities are available, you can make family day planning a breeze.

Four Weeks Before

  • Create a packing plan to help you organize all aspects of your relocation.
  • Help your kids consider what they should bring with them to the new digs and what they should throw out/donate/recycle. Encourage them to place everything in different piles for easier sorting.
  • Moving long distance? Plan out a bunch of road activities to keep everybody occupied for the car ride to avoid boredom.
  • Look up information regarding your child’s new school. This is a major change for kids, so knowing as much as you can in advance will help them make the transition. This information will include start and end times, uniform policies, etc.
  • Help your kids get all the phone numbers and addresses of their friends so they can all stay in touch after the move.

Two Weeks Before

  • Plan out a bunch of meal ideas for the first several nights in your home. Things will be hectic once you arrive, and you won’t want to think much when it comes to dinners. Plan some simple meals in advance, as takeout gets old fast.
  • If you’ve got a pet, secure comfortable traveling arrangements for them. Get a spacious crate or cage if necessary, pick up some toys for them to play with, and make sure they have a comfortable bed and their favorite treats.
  • Encourage the family to get in on the packing process. Because it’s a timely and thorough process, it will go smoother if everyone pitches in according to his or her abilities. Even small children can be given simple tasks so they can feel like part of the solution.

One Week Before

  • Buy and pack many of your family’s favorite snacks for everyone to enjoy on moving day and in the car. This will save you money from having to stop off and buy fast food all the time. Plus, healthy snacks during moving day will keep everyone’s energy level up. Provide plenty of water, too.
  • Pack a first-night box for all members of the family. This is where you can add all of your crucial possessions that you will need that first night in the new home. This way, you can have all the necessities at your fingertips without having to dig through boxes. No one will have the time or patience to do that after a long, stressful day of moving!

Moving Day

  • Do a final walk-through of each room to ensure each room has been cleared out, and that nothing important remains. You don’t want to have to go back later when your daughter tells you she left her favorite stuffed bunny in the closet.
  • Say final goodbyes to your friends and family members. This is the hard part, but it’s also important. Use this opportunity to tell them how much you have appreciated them and how much you will miss them.

Pulling off a move with your family in San Diego requires a lot of preparation, to be sure. But hiring professional movers, in combination with this handy checklist, will help keep you sane throughout the process.

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