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Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Irvine

Your city is boring.

According to Colin Ellard, an environmental psychologist and neuroscientist, that could be a death sentence for your mental state.

The “bland facade” of American cities is the enemy of your psychological well-being, and it might have been the reason you’ve been pondering a move. What’s the solution?

Moving to Irvine, California.

Time to learn about this remedy’s fresh climate, welcoming culture, and quaint atmosphere with this Irvine moving guide. Let’s fix your inner city blues.

The Irvine Cure

Fatigue isn’t relegated only to the panic attacks that hit us as we struggled to finish the lap in middle school PE, as our friends snickered.

No, it can also extend to cultural realms and is infinitely more dangerous. What is cultural fatigue?

When New Turns Stale

A new marriage, a new school, and the most popular game can turn stale with time.

And like a messy divorce, a relationship with a new city can turn into a desperate escape to another one. Without understanding the intrinsic motivations that pull them to each stale destination, many fall into this trap.

Some thrive in the hustle and bustle of traffic and crowds. Others long for a peaceful existence, emphasizing community and close connections.

If this is you, then Irvine is the perfect alternative to the constricting walls of your tiny city apartment.

Thankfully, moving to Irvine lands you in the perfect oasis of a thriving job market. So, jump into the ocean because it’s swimming with prospects.

Irvine’s Job Market

$100 billion. That’s the amount flushed down the despairing drain of absenteeism and reduced productivity. With office workers revolting against their workplaces, this is becoming a growing trend.

Especially when places like Irvine, California, exist. By switching up your work environment, you make it harder to fall victim to the depression saddled with work fatigue.

Why should you live in Irvine to remedy your workday blues?

A Business-Friendly Haven

The area’s business development began in the 1960s when The Irvine Company set the region’s urban development alight. Now, the city is home to a staggering amount of tech startups, putting the city on track to rise to the same level of prominence as Silicon valley.

And the growth is no accident.

Fueled by the fantastic and stellar quality of its universities and colleges, many businesses see the area as an ideal staging area for their businesses.

“There’s a gravitational pull for companies to move here,” said Colin Yasukochi, CRBE’s Tech Insights Center Executive Director. In particular, he pointed out that Large tech firms are flocking to the area due to the massive graduate pool that flows out of UC Irvine.

This gifts you, the recent tech graduate struggling to find a change of pace from your current, skyscraper constricting city, then the fresh air, parks ripe for fitness enthusiasts, or an array of entertainment offerings are just perfect for you and your family.

They are all fleeing to Irvine from the space industry companies like Tyvak Nano-Sattelite Systems to Rivian, an electric truck maker. So, jump into the overflowing pool of job opportunities before it spills over and drains dry.

And not of all of the tech oasis, Irvine has one trump card that helps place it above the rest.

You can go to the beach, of course.

So, what makes the education system such a cause for the electric surge in tech companies’ interest in the area?

woman looking at laptop on a box during an office move

Irvine’s Education

You might’ve seen the reports coming back from your school, fearfully clutched in your child’s cold, clammy hands as you ask to see her report card.

Whatever the reason for the gradual drop in her grades, it could result from several different reasons.

Inefficient Teachers

The core pillar of every school is the people that your child sees every day for 8 hours, and that could even be more time than they spend with you. The chaos caused by a lack of discipline creates a tsunami effect that impacts your child and her classmates — possibly for the rest of her educational career.

That’s because learning gaps are widened when a negative classroom experience cannot get the material across, which affects the students in later years.

If you have noticed this trend, then there is something you can do. Create a fresh start for you and your child’s future, by moving to a school district that backs up its reputation with stellar test scores, and the awards to show for it.

Irvine’s Solution

Every year, Newsweek puts out a ranking that lists all of the nation’s high schools in a battle to claim the top spot on the “List of America’s Top High Schools.”

One set of high schools consistently makes the ranking, placing them at the top of the list.

They all came from Irvine Unified School District.

Nurture your child’s musical talents at Woodbridge High School, which is regarded as the top school for music education. This was given out by the Grammy Foundation, making IUSD the first school district to have Woodbridge and three other schools recognized by the foundation.

But the accolades certainly don’t end there.

In 2016, the district was put into the top five in the nation for student achievement by Education for Cities.

It also holds an impressive track record with the National Blue Ribbon Award, having won it every year since 1982!

In short, you have a great chance of ripping up those adverse progress reports and looking forward to something that will make your child mean and glow with pride.

And it’s upheld by talented and dedicated teaching professionals that have cut their teeth in the educational system for decades.

Ask Megan Seager from Beacon Park School. If you have a child who gazes up at the stars through a cardboard telescope, she’ll make the perfect educator for your budding astronomer. She was named by the Greater Irvine Chamber as a distinguished educator specializing in teaching science to fourth and fifth graders.

She’s just one example of the STEM success that perfectly encapsulates what Irvine education is all about:

Setting your child up to succeed.

But no matter how glitzy the education or job market is, it won’t count for anything if there’s no life in the city.

Irvine’s Social Life

And the lack of interaction can be devastating.

In 2019, Public Health researcher Kassandra Alcaraz came to a horrible conclusion in her study. Out of 580,000 adults, they found they social isolation increases the risk of premature death for every race.

In white participants, by as much as 60 to 84 percent. It doubled Black participants’ risk.

This makes lack of social interaction “similar in magnitude to obesity, smoking, lack of access to care, and physical inactivity, ” said Alcaraz.

Suppose you and your family have been relegated to the small confines of your house. In that case, there are tangible benefits to breaking free from that prison and indulging in the colorful blend of activities that infuse Irvine with a delightful culture of an inclusive community, breaking the trend of investigative neighbors.

Let’s step into the city limits and uncover what makes life in this city so vibrant.

sunset at resort in irvine california

The Irvine Spectrum Center

A spectrum of entertainment. That’s what the Spectrum Center dishes out for your nighttime fiascos, from towering Ferris wheels that glint and shine with thousands of LEDs to live entertainment that allows for you and your significant other to kick back and relax.

The Giant Wheel

52,000 LED lights. That’s what adorns the Giant Wheel, a massive Ferris wheel that displays a dazzling light show that’ll make this ride a hit with your kids as they giggle and scream on the way up. You and your significant other might even have a blast!

As it churns and brings you to the top, a sweeping view of Orange County will be presented to you, along with the cool breeze of the Pacific ocean kissing your skin. Your ride might turn romantic, with more than 16 million color schemes that the LED light show can beam out!

You might want to sit out this next one unless you want to create some memorable moments together with your kids.


This delightfully designed carousel wheel hearkens back to 1900’s themes, and the intricately designed animals reek of unique details and are sure to make your 5-year-old jump with glee.

Along with the three-dimensional climbing structure — the Spectrum Climber — the Spectrum Center contains a vast array of events and attractions to distract and delight your kids.

But after a grueling day at work, it’s nice to treat yourself to some adventure.

The Escape Game

You crack open a drifting space shuttle, and a blast of dead air smacks you in the face as it de-pressurizes. Mixed into the stale air is the waft of something dying…

This is just one of the many possible adventures you and a group of friends will face at The Escape Game, a 60-minute clue-cracking, puzzle-solving experience.

It’s only one of the offers on hand for you and a group of friends after kicking back at any of the 100 restaurants and shops that cover the center.

From full-service delights to casual dining, the center dishes a plate full of dining options for you and your family to enjoy before conquering the Spectrum Center’s activities.

But the Spectrum Center is just one example of the wide palette of entertainment benefits of living in Irvine.

Colorful Festivals

When October rolls around, be sure to visit the colorful Irvine Global Village Center, which pays homage to the region’s diverse cultural heritage.

Explore the Korean influence on Irvine during the Irvine Korean Festival, allowing you to immerse your children into different cultures, opening their perspectives about the world.

We would be remiss if there’s no mention of one of the other awards that Irvine has been recognized for:

A Splash of Nature

Third greenest city in the United States.

That’s perfect for you if you’ve been caught gazing forlornly out your window at the same brick wall of your neighbors’ apartment complex.

Well, drab and gray have nothing on living in Irvine, which paints its cityscape with over 19 community parks, and 40 neighborhood parks, giving you all of the excuses you need to get out and move again.

If the parks don’t get you out your front door, then the nearby beaches will. While Irvine is an inland city, the best beaches in the state are just a stone’s throw away — 101, in fact! Make Crystal Cove State Park first on your list.

Its emerald, blue water beaches stretch out over 3 miles! That’s a lot of waterfront real estate for you to wash away your stress with.

But all of the nature in the world can’t fight against weather that weighs your spirits down.

So, let’s see if Irvine’s weather will destroy your psyche or lift it into the clouds.

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Irvine’s Climate

Light, and serotonin.

The first one is available in spades in the city of Irvine. The other is a chemical that boosts moods.

All of this combines into a wonderful equation that equates to you being able to zap that drab feeling you feel in your current city, where rain and unforgiving heat blasts your pores when you step outside.

And it’s not your fault if you feel dark thoughts when the clouds roll in, according to Tecsia Evans, a Pd.D in clinical psychology.

“When it gets dark and dreary out, some people have more susceptibility to feeling lonely or down.”

The beauty of moving to California is the sun. It bathes Irvine’s streets the vast majority of the year and is complemented by a wonderfully moderate temperature, gifting your body a regulated circadian rhythm, which boosts your mood.

The beautiful thing about Irvine is that it doesn’t work against you, and it gives you all of the tools to combat your dreary moods, from beaches, parks, and trails.

As Julia Samton, a psychiatrist at NYC’s Manhattan Neuropsychiatric, said, “I encourage people to exercise…that’s a big one.”

The friendly climate of Irvine, the bevy of parks, and the fresh expanse of the Pacific ocean give you reasons to get out and reclaim your spirit and happiness with the 281 sunny days and only 13 inches of rain.

So get out into that 82-degree summer weather, and explore all that Irvine offers.

But you come from the city and have grown accustomed to keeping a close eye on your surroundings. So, does Irvine allow you to ease up your guard a little?

Safety and Crime in Irvine

Crime can be a killer, not just in cases of people looking to harm others. When an area is steeped in a disturbing crime trend, the results can wreak profound impacts on our bodies.

And dangerous, physical side effects can crop up.

Take the various studies that, for decades, have linked a crime-ridden environment to deadly illnesses and ailments. The list is a dreadful one, including the likes of:

  • Cancer
  • Infant Mortality
  • Childhood illnesses
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Suicide

That list is just a tiny page torn off from the book of ill effects that an area with a poor track record on safety can do to your body and your family, especially young children brought up in such places.

If there’s even a tiny chance that your neighborhood has a criminal element, you’ll be happy to hear this.

Is Irvine Safe?

American cities with more than 100,000 people were gauged on their safety records. Irvine not only did well on the list but had the lowest rate out of all of them.

Even more impressive is that Irvine has accomplished that ranking for the past nine years!

That means you can stop worrying about your child walking to the bus or picking them up from school. When you move out to Irvine, it is not uncommon to see children playing out in the streets or walking home from school.

There are many reasons for Irvine’s stellar track record. But, according to Elliot Currie in an interview with Business Insider, it’s due to the “little poverty and a highly educated, often highly skilled population, many of them professionals.”

The city’s culture is the perfect shield against the type of crime that wreaks havoc on cities of similar size, like Flint, Michigan, which reported 2,774 violent crimes in 2012. What did Irvine register for comparison?

Only 110!

Another secret to its safety sauce lies in the very planning of the city itself. The master-planned design, from residential villages, centered around resort-style pools — some even featuring their schools — ensures a relaxed, chilled-out vibe that permeates and embraces the entire city.

And if we go by famed psychologist Maslow, there is only one other thing that humans crave as a basic need above food, water, warmth, and rest.

That’s security and safety.

So, Irvine great place to live to escape from your city’s chaos, and breath a little easier at night. Because stress squashes any energy we might’ve had after work. And, you’ll need that energy to partake in the nighttime festivities in Irvine.

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Irvine’s Nightlife

Frequently, cities reflect the personalities of their inhabitants.

New York City reflects its multi-tasking busybodies’ constant movement and busy schedules. Omaha, Nebraska, reflects the sleepy nature of their farmers, small-town business owners who crave their 8 pm shut-eye.

English Poet Rupert Brooke said it best:

“Cities, like cats, will reveal themselves at night.”

And when the sun goes down in Irvine, the city’s vibrant nightlife bursts forth. And while it may not have the same frantic energy as a Los Angeles or Santa Monica, it’s enough to give you and your significant other an excuse to creep out the back door at 9 pm and indulge a little.


For your late-night meal to kick start the festivities, take your entourage over to Bistango, a flashy and stylish art-deco style locale, with a savory New American-style cuisine for you to chow down on.

While kicking back to the beats of the line entertainment, take in the revolving modern art exhibits, which perfectly encapsulate the sophisticated culture of Irvine.

Diamond Jamboree

If you only came for the music and the drinks, make Diamond Jamboree your next stop, should the hunger bug start to bite.

This location isn’t only of Orange County fame and international praise, drawing visitors worldwide. The reason for that is the colorfully diverse food selection: a vast palette of cuisines and international flavors.

It comes packed to the brim with over 20 restaurants as a shopping center! On the weekends, the center stays open until midnight so that you can visit Italy, Japan, and Russia all in one night. Just lay off the vodka because your night isn’t over yet.

Plush Karaoke Lounge

Because you still have to get up and sing at the Plush Karaoke Lounge! But this isn’t your typical Karaoke joint in your city, where they are smokey, dimly lit, and everyone is listening in on your beautifully horrendous rendition of Bohemium Rhapsody.

It’s a good thing for you and your pride that the Plush Karaoke Lunge comes with 16 gorgeous private rooms for you and your party so that your night ends on an amusing note!

When your night’s over, you can drive back home in peace, knowing that your children are safe and sound, sleeping in a safe environment, where they’ll be going to their first day in their quality school, while you stroll into your new office with pride and joy.

Start Moving To Irvine

You can beat back the oncoming march of monotony, stress, fear, and uncertainty about the future. Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery, but the wrong choice can only lead to more of the same.

By moving to Irvine, you can find a city bathed in light, safety, jobs, and quality education. All you have to do is make the leap.

Contact our team of Irvine movers.

You deserve it.

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Patrick Caramalac

Patrick Caramalac founded Best Fit Movers in 2017 when he saw a need in his community for professional local movers. The company operates from locations in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, and specialize in residential and commercial moves, both local and long distance. With thousands of positive customer reviews, Best Fit Movers is one of the highest rated moving companies in California.

Author: Patrick Caramalac

Patrick Caramalac founded Best Fit Movers in 2017 when he saw a need in his community for professional local movers. The company operates from locations in San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, and specialize in residential and commercial moves, both local and long distance. With thousands of positive customer reviews, Best Fit Movers is one of the highest rated moving companies in California.





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