Should You Move to a House or Apartment in Beverly Hills?

Should you move to a house or apartment in Beverly Hills? Which is better to enjoy one of California’s most iconic destinations?

Countless people from all walks of life dream of calling this legendary location home. If you are looking to make your move there, there are many decisions to make.

The timeline for your move and the moving company you’ll chose to get you to Beverly Hills are both important choices to make. But there’s another big question to ask yourself – would you be happier in a house or an apartment?

Benefits of Moving to a House in Beverly Hills

Who hasn’t dreamed of moving to a house in Beverly Hills? Having your very own home in such a beautiful part of the country can provide many perks that you won’t find in an apartment setting. Here are some of the benefits of moving to a house in Beverly Hills.

More Space and More Privacy

There’s tons to love about Beverly Hills – but if there’s one criticism that can be levied against it, it’s that it’s crowded. With a population near 34,000, the alure of this location draws so many people it’s easy for you to feel a little smothered at times.

Having your own house provides you with plenty of space to relax. There’s also a lot to enjoy outside, such as:

  • Your own porch to sit on and enjoy the weather
  • Your own lawn to keep up and decorate
  • Your own driveway for easy parking 

Don’t forget that with your neighbors all the way on the other side of the fence, rather than through the wall, you’ll be able to enjoy more peace and quiet in this bustling city.

Potential for Home Ownership

If there’s one thing better than renting a home in Beverly Hills, it’s owning one. Imagine being able to make your home in a place like Beverly Hills, and know the beautiful dwelling you reside in is yours?

For those who plan to make the area their long-term home, or those who like to find and flip houses, this option can be much more appealing.

Benefits of Moving to an Apartment in Beverly Hills

There’s a lot of appeal in moving to an apartment in Beverly Hills. Having your own cozy corner of such a massive city brings a special type of charm. In some ways, this type of move can be ahead of home ownership depending on your preferences – here are some advantages of moving to an apartment in Beverly Hills.

More Affordable and More Efficient

Another slight mark against Beverly Hills is the high cost of living. But you can offset it by living within your means, and for many, this means moving into an apartment rather than a house. This leaves more money for you to spend enjoying the city’s amenities.

You won’t be paying for more space than you need, and given there are so many apartment complexes around, you always have the option to upgrade to a new location if your family grows or you get more belongings and require additional space.

Closer to Neighbors and On-Site Amenities

For some people, the thought of having neighbors close by is a good thing. It helps if you need a favor or just someone to share conversation with. Apartments put you near dozens of people who could become close friends.

They also feature shared amenities, which are handy for those who don’t drive or like to stay close to home. Some of the facilities include:

  • Fitness centers
  • Swimming pools
  • Picnic areas
  • Laundry areas
  • Restaurants

With these features, apartment complexes can sometimes function as mini communities, making them handy for people who don’t want to battle Beverly Hills traffic.

Which Option Suits Your Needs the Best?

This luxurious location is enjoyable no matter your residential setting. But choosing to move to a house or apartment in Beverly Hills can often depend on your lifestyle.

For example, raising a family in Beverly Hills sometimes lends itself well to a house – you’ll want the right amount of space for everyone, especially if your family is still growing. 

Singles and especially newcomers to the Beverly Hills area may want an apartment. This smaller space fits well when it’s just you, or when you’re just trying out the area as a first timer. 

Some people can go for either choice. Retirees with empty nests may choose the downsized apartment life, or may desire to own their own house. Professionals who spend most of the day at work may want an apartment – or if they work remote/hybrid and need a quiet place, they may choose a house.

Anyone from any walk of life can go either way with this crucial relocation decision – but there’s also the question about which option is easier.





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