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10 Home Improvements to Make Before You Move In

Many homebuyers compile a list of things they would like to change about the new place. While some can be postponed once the budget has a chance to pad itself again, some things just can’t be put off. Here are 10 home improvements to make before you move in.

1.  Flooring

The flooring in any given house is subjected to a lot of wear and tear, so it’s a common desire to have the floors re-done when you buy. Save yourself time and hassle by scheduling the installation before move in day, so no furniture has to be moved.

2.  Interior painting

Painting is another task that’s just easier when no furniture has to be moved around. In fact, paint the walls before you have the new floor put in! Plus, when you do this early on in the process, the fumes will be well gone by the time you actually move in.

3.  Popcorn ceilings and walls

Moving into an older home? You will likely have popcorn ceilings or walls, which used to be a popular option due to its aesthetics and tendency to hide imperfections. Now, it’s considered an eyesore – not to mention they can contain asbestos or other irritants. Have them professionally smoothed out before the flooring and painting, because it’s quite a messy process.

4.  Closet shelves and organization

Unpacking is hard enough without having to stress about where you’ll put everything. Have professional closet fixtures installed before moving, which simplifies the entire process because you won’t have to empty out a full closet.

5.  Fencing

Got kids or pets who like to run free in the back yard? If the fence that’s already there is leaning or rotting, you’ll want to get a new one before you even step foot on the property for good. Fencing in your yard is of top priority, so get started on this project as soon as you can.

6.  Exterior locks

This is an easy home improvement you can do in about an hour. Even if the previous owners of the home looked trustworthy, you just can’t take the chance they won’t try to come back using a copy of the key. Have a locksmith come out and replace all of the exterior locks before move in so you know exactly who has access to your home.

7.  Batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Better to be safe than sorry! Not all home inspectors will check the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms, and even so, there’s no way of telling how recently they were installed. Don’t sit back and wait for the inevitable “beep” of the dying battery; go ahead and pop in fresh replacement batteries for peace of mind.

8.  Heating and cooling filters

A heating or cooling system with old, faulty filters will cost you dearly later on in the form of higher energy bills or a broken system. Fresh filters are cheap and easy to install, giving you cleaner air and greater protection.

9.  Leaks

Any leak, no matter how large or small, may cause major damage over time if you don’t address it. If you notice a leak, take the time to get it repaired before you move in. On top of water damage, untreated leaks can result in mold and mildew growth, as well as rotting surfaces. When you don’t treat the leak, this could result in a disruption of your water services which can be a major inconvenience.

10.                Childproofing

Don’t wait until after you move in to take the precautionary measures to protect children from household hazards. Whether that involves covering outlets, securing cabinets, or installing corner bumpers, any and all childproofing adjustments should be made before you walk in the door. If the previous owners had childproofing already in place, you should always double check each safety fixture to ensure it’s properly working.

Moving is a big deal, a task that’s fraught with complications and extra expenses. But you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by tackling these improvements prior to moving in.

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Author: Patrick Caramalac

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