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Here is How to Pick the Right Moving Company

When you are planning to move from one state or city to another, it’s easy to concentrate on comparing long distance moving companies prices. However, more than that, there are other aspects that you should consider if you are to get the best deal.

The market has no shortage of moving companies. A quick search online will prove this to be true. However, as with other services, these companies are not created the same. Some offer stellar solutions, while others are just average or mediocre. That’s why you can’t just pick the first option that comes your way. You need to do your research, and compare the options to find a company that will deliver.

To make it easier for you, here are a few things to watch out for when looking for a moving company.


While cheaper doesn’t always mean better, it’s in your interest to look at long distance moving companies prices. Matching a few options head to head allows you to understand the market value and also work your way out in finding the best deal on the table. However, you shouldn’t only focus on the cost alone. You also want to pay close attention to the aspects mentioned below.


Asking for referrals from the people in your circle is a great way to find a reliable company. If you know someone who moved, try asking them about the company that offered their moving services. Usually, the person will happily refer the company to you if they were pleased by their services. And if they weren’t, they won’t hesitate to tell you because they have no business promoting the company.

Licensed and insured

You probably know about the importance of working with a company that’s licensed and insured, but we will mention it anyway. Licensing shows you that the company is state-approved to carry out their services. Ask the person in charge of their US DOT number and verify their license through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. Insurance, on the other hand, ensures that your assets are covered throughout the move. It also protects you against potential lawsuits that may arise when someone gets hurt.


Reading the company’s reviews and customer testimonials will also provide you with incredible insights about their ability to deliver on their promise. Often, people will leave reviews if they have had the best or the worst experience – both of which are critical. Luckily, different third party sites list these reviews, making it easy to learn about a company.

Personal preference

What works for your friend might not work for you, because in some cases, you may be moving something very different. So, whether you are relocating to a studio apartment or a four-bedroom house, you have to ensure that the company you work with can take care of your needs. Consider your personal needs and then ask the right questions to find the perfect fit. A few things to bear in mind include:

  • The size of the truck
  • Provision of extra packing supplies
  • Availability


Moving from one house to another can be daunting, and can get worse if you choose to work with an inexperienced company. Taking time to find one that matches the bill can go a long way in making the experience an easy one.





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